Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Intense Oil Care Color

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  • Turn hair color into luxury with the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Intense Oil Care Color that comes along with Oleo-Gold Elixir for up to 30% more shine! Experience gorgeous color richness that stays visibly rich and intense for long with hair full of intensive shine. The Palette Deluxe contains a rich, creamy formula with highly effective color pigments that penetrate each strand from root to tip - for rich, luxurious & long-lasting colors. The rich after-treatment with Oleo-Gold Elixir contains precious Argan-Oil, which indulges and transforms especially long hair into beautiful healthy looking hair that is deeply cared from inside. A better cared hair helps to give intensive color results and glowing shine. Palette DELUXE offers you a wide range of stunning shades with perfect grey coverage.

    Enjoy the Palette DELUXE with Oleo Gold Elixir, the permanent coloration for glamorous and long-lasting color with enhanced gloss.

    • Maximized intensity and care
    • Indulging care for fascinating gloss
    • Up to 30% more shine
    • 100% grey coverage
    • Rich after-treatment with precious Argan-Oil

    Additional Information: With a strong customer base in more than 125 countries globally, Schwarzkopf is a renowned hair care brand in the world that boasts of an extensive portfolio of high quality, innovative products for hair care, hair styling and hair coloring.

    MRP: 650

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