Shepherd For Men Daily Comfort Pre-Shave Oil(50ml)

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  • Experience an ultimate shaving experience! The Shepherd for Men Pre-Shave Oil is designed to form a layer of lubrication hence protecting you from razor bumps, Nicks, And cuts. It will ensure a close and comfortable shave leaving your skin soft and kissable.The lightweight blend of highly moisturizing oils will hydrate and soften your beard making it shave ready. Get a close, Comfortable and irritation free shave every single time using this amazing Pre-shave oil.

    • Softens and Conditions the hair
    • Forms a layer of lubrication to help the razor glide easily
    • Adds a relaxing aroma to your shaving experience
    • Prevents Razor Burns
    • Helps to get a closer and more comfortable shave
    • Enriched with essential oils like Argan Oil, Lemon Oil, Bergamot Oil, Lime Oil, Orange Oil, Mandarin Oil, Grapefruit Oil
    • Shea Butter and Ethyl Esters adds a silky and soft texture to the beard/stubble
    • Signature blend of Citrus Notes is highly refreshing

    Additional Information: A Luxury Grooming and Skincare brand exclusively for men, Shepherd for Men were created to offer quality grooming and skin care products that are extremely mild yet highly effective. Sourced from rarest and finest botanical ingredients from all over the world, Each of their product is craft-fully blended with the help of modern science and technology to enhance the power of natural ingredients and to deliver the desired performance. Finished off with a hand-picked a fine fragrance to give the user a multi-sensory experience, These products will not only leave your hair and skin soft and hydrated but will also leave you feeling and smelling your best.

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Shepherd For Men Daily Comfort Pre-Shave Oil