Ponds White Beauty Face Combo

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Product Description
  • Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-Less Lightening Facial Foam

    Pond’s White Beauty Daily Lightening Facial Foam lets you clean and treat your skin at the same time. This gentle facial foam is ideal for normal skin types and provides deep cleaning. It is infused with Vitamin B3 that offer nourishment to your skin cells and help in rejuvenating your skin. The face wash effectively removes grime, dust and sweat from your face. It also unclogs pores to minimize their appearance. Use this regularly for skin that is clean, healthy and bright. Achieve your dream complexion with Pond’s White Beauty Daily Lightening Facial Foam. Buy it right away!

    Features & Benefits :
    • Cleanses deeply for a fair & glowing skin.

    • Unique formula that reduces dullness & brightens the skin.

    • Washes away dead skin cells to uncover bright skin cells.

    Ponds White Beauty Blemish Balm Fairness Cream

    Dazzle everyone with your smooth and glowing skin when you use Pond's White Beauty BB+ Cream. Its GenWhite formula ensures that your skin looks even toned and lighter in a natural way. This cream is designed to provide immediate as well as long lasting impact on the skin and is infused with Vitamin B3 and E to ensure that natural glow. The BB+ Cream provides a natural looking coverage to your skin and hides the blemishes while minimizing the size of pores to give you a smooth look. Flaunt your perfect skin with Pond's White Beauty BB+ cream.

    Features & Benefits :
    • Instant natural coverage
    • Lightens the skin from within.
    • Reduces dark spots & gives you an even skin tone.

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