Spice Island Mango Body Lotion(210ml)

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  • Ayurvedic specialists have employed the properties of ripe Mango for centuries as a moisturizing agent for dry skin. The extract from this luscious fruit is known to contain valuable nutrients, which act as an emollient to enhance skin and seal in moisture, making it glow with vitality and radiance. Spice Island Mango Body Lotion is a great body lotion that can make your skin glow naturally.

    • Nutritious and revitalizing
    • Soothes irritation and breakouts
    • Makes skin glow
    • Reveals skin natural glow
    • Fights free radicals and skin aging
    • Heals dark spots and dull skin
    Why you will Love it?

    Paraben free, Skin friendly, Never tested on animals

    Benefits of Mango Extract - The mango fruit admired in Ayurveda for its multitude of health benefits, is another powerful healer for skincare. Nutrient-rich with vitamin B6, antioxidant vitamin C and carotene which the body converts into vitamin A, making the fruit beneficial for optimum skin health and a radiant complexion. Vitamin B6 and antioxidant vitamin C combined prevent and cure acne. Free radicals, skin aging and pigmentation is combated with the presence of vitamin C. Vitamin A heals dark spots, dull skin and blemishes, reviving skin's natural radiance. Skin is left rejuvenated and glowing.

    Why Buy it? Spice Island Mango Body Lotion helps your skin get better with daily use and hence one of the best lotions out there. Do try it out!

    MRP: 799

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