Swiss Tempelle Whitening Body Lotion(300ml)

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  • Unveil the natural glow and purity of your skin with Swiss Tempelle?s Whitening Body Lotion. Counter the ill-effects of tanning with the power of Swiss Edelweiss, Indian Cotton Milk, and Jasmine which will revive your skin?s natural resilience.

    Contains Swiss Edelweiss which prevents skin darkening and pigmentation

    Contains the de-tanning properties of Indian Cotton milk, which enhances your skin?s natural radiance.

    Contains the natural goodness of Jasmine, which soothes sun-damaged skin

    Revives the natural fairness and radiance of your skin

    Made from natural extracts and it's 100% paraben-free.

    Key Ingredients: Indian Swiss Edelweiss, Indian Cotton Milk, and Jasmine

    Additional Information:

    Swiss Tempelle brand is a collaboration between Mibelle Group from Switzerland and Future Consumer Limited from India. They have a wide variety of personal care products made with the best quality, tested ingredients to give you smooth, nourished and radiant looking skin. Their product range include skin care, bath and body products such as Body Washes, Body Lotions, Face washes and Shower Gels etc. that have enriching and therapeutic properties.


    1. After a lukewarm shower, towel dry lightly without rubbing abrasively.
    2. While the skin is still damp, rub on dime-sized dallops of Whitening Body Lotion..
    3. Gently massage into the skin and evenly distribute around the body.
    4. Re-apply throughout the day as needed with special attention to knees and elbows which tends to dry out faster.

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