TGL Co. Imperial Treasure Tea Gift Box(1Kg)

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  • Substitute the conventionally anticipated gifts for a distinct memento - aesthetically crafted TGL Co. gift boxes. These gift boxes contain blends of the most luxurious teas sourced from around the world, and master blended with fruits, flowers and flavours to create a sublime tea experience. These gift boxes adorned in spectacular colours with a beautiful golden bow - make it a perfect standalone gift, or as a part of a spectacular gift basket. Unbox the grandeur of these elegant tea blends with "Impassioned Indulgence" from TGL Co. Convert a gift into a memorable experience by giving the finest teas in the world - perfectly suited for corporate gifts, Diwali gifts, wedding gifts, seasonal gifts, or for any other personal gifting.

    TGL Co. Imperial Treasure Tea Gift box (Mint) - A premium blend of world class teas makes a perfect gifting option, Available in 2 colour variants - trendy turquoise and intense navy blue, the TGL Co. Imperial Treasure Tea Gift box is a regal memento for any occasion. Treasured within it is a handy tea infuser and a melange of three TGL Teas in gold caddies.

    Includes - 15g tin cans of 3 teas: Geisha, Mogo Mogo, Strawberry & Cream + Basket Strainer.

    Country of Origin - Geisha: China & Japan, Mogo Mogo: China, Strawberry & Cream: Sri Lanka

    MRP: 1749

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TGL Co. Imperial Treasure Tea Gift Box