The Man Company Absolute Gang Men's Grooming Kit - Set Of 5(700ml)

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Product Description
  • The Man Company brings you Absolute Gang Men’s Grooming Kit. A set of 5 men’s grooming products.

    • Packed in a lovely wooden box this kit contains Shampoo (200 ml) - Coffee Bean and Pachouli, Body wash (200 ml) - Black Pepper & Bergamot, Face wash (100 ml) - Moroccon Argan, Hair gel (100 ml) - Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Shave gel (100 ml) - Lemon Oil.
    • SLS and Paraben free products. Natural essential oils used. No harmful chemicals.
    • Coffee, an exfoliation agent contains a lot of antioxidants that work as little warriors fighting and protecting against free radicals.
    • Pachouli essential oil is great for treating oily hair and preventing dandruff. And the invigorating smell of coffee beans just takes this exquisite shampoo to the next level. What a way to start your day.
    • Black Pepper & Bergamot make an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial combination. Knocks off a couple of years off and you smell good too.
    • Black pepper oil will detoxify your skin and bring it back to its natural state with all of its nutrients and vitamins. Its lofty anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties are excellent at cleaning and healing the skin. The content of vitamin C helps make pepper extremely high in antioxidants, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties, so, obviously, this is not your average spice. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation issues can be easily solved when combining black pepper with the right ingredients topically Bergamot is also a potent antiseptic and helps reduce bacteria on the skin that aids acne eruption.
    • The Argan Oil is a miracle oil and not only does it act as a great natural moisturiser, its anti-oxidant property makes it an ideal anti aging product.
    • Often called ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is native to Morocco. Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It also give skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant effect makes Argan oil the ideal anti-aging product.
    • Aloe Vera apart from preventing hair loss, also balances pH level of the scalp and hair resulting in further hair growth. Smells good too. Go ahead and use it daily.
    • Vitamin E increases blood circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to your scalp Look smart and give your hair a chance to grow with abundance.
    • Lemon oil is loaded with anti-oxidants. It deploys antiseptic effects on fresh minor infections of the skin, including acne. It also treats skin tan and removes dead skin, blemishes and dark spots. Multi-faceted goodness, and refreshing too. Wet the face with warm water.
    • The Man Company Absolute Gang Men’s Grooming Kit is a must have for a modern man.

    MRP: 2045

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