The Shave Doctor Face Wash Scrub - Packs of 5

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  • The Shave Doctor Face Wash Scrub

    A revitalizing face wash with exfoliating properties! Developed to address the problem of ingrown hair suffered by over 55% of men the Shave doctor Face Wash Scrub with non-abrasive emollient beads scrubs away the daily elements and helps lift the trapped hair under the skin. It keeps your skin clean and free from dust and dirt. Packed with Lemon and Tea tree oil (Leptospermum Petersoni), the facewash has powerful anti-bacterial and tonic properties which deeply cleanses, refreshes and cools the skin.

    • A men's face wash with scrubbing properties that works on ingrown hair.
    • It helps get rid of all impurities and keeps the skin clear.
    • Enriched with Lemon and Tea tree oil, it has skin toning and antibacterial properties.

    Additional Information:

    Founded in 2008, Shave doctor is a UK based men's shaving and skincare brand which especially formulates shaving products for men's skin that protect their skin from shaving rash and razor burn. These professional skin care products are made after intensive research and expertise. Shave doctor products leave the skin nourished, smooth and will keep you looking incredibly sharp, fresh and invigorated for the rest of the day.

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    Expiry Date: 1st February 2020

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The Shave Doctor Face Wash Scrub - Packs of 5
50% off