• Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash Detangling Brush-White/Black

    One product that undoes backcombing as painlessly as it back brushes, this beauty delivers more than just its name. Achieve the perfect polished finish with this one-of-a-kind handbag hero. Comes with a unique cover that protects its teeth from gathering dirt.

    Rs. 1199
  • GUBB USA Nail Care Kit

    All that your talons will ever need! Complete with a toenail clipper, a fingernail clipper, a nail filer, and a cuticle pusher, chipped, unflattering nails be gone! This salon-style kit will help you flaunt ready-to-paint, freshly-pampered nails 24/7.

    Rs. 269
  • Elite Models (France) Blackhead and Pimple Remover

    Agreed, getting your hands (and nails) dirty trying to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads is a blunder. But not when you have this smart, hygienic blackhead remover that guarantees flawless skin sans the scars. Gentle on skin and tough on spots!

    Rs. 399
    • 25% off
  • Colorbar Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush

    What’s a complete eye-makeup look without shadow? This bristle beauty ensures you do complete justice to that eyeshadow palette. Tapered for trouble-free application around eye corners and works well with creamy or powder formulas.

    Rs. 188

    Rs. 250

    [-25% ]

  • PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) (Pink)

    Time to level up your makeup game if you’re still stuck with a ton of brushes! The beauty world transformed with the entry of the beauty sponge, the stress ball for makeup enthusiasts. Perfect for flawless cream, liquid, and powder-based foundation.

    Rs. 555
    • 25% off
  • Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler

    Hello there, pinch-proof lash curler! Who needs falsies when your natural lashes can give them a run for their money? Cushioned grip handles, a smart curved curler, and a silicon pad that prevents lash crimping. Just a few seconds to get your lash game on.

    Rs. 394

    Rs. 525

    [-25% ]

  • QVS Slant Tip Tweezers (Black Electro)

    Whether it’s achieving a flawless brow-line or tidying disobedient strands, slant tip tweezers are best all-rounders of brow town. Throw them in your makeup pouch for the sharpest brows. Such a savior for those in-between salon sessions.

    Rs. 225
    • 5% off
  • VEGA Lip Liner Brush (PB-04)

    Though straight-from-the-bullet application has become quite the norm now, the lip liner will never lose its classic appeal. Now what you need is a trusted lip brush. Ideal for defining the outer edge of your pout, the bristles are tufted together for fine application.

    Rs. 200

    Rs. 210

    [-5% ]

  • NYX Professional Makeup Dual Sharpener

    A sharpener that fine-tunes both jumbo and regular size eye and lip pencils is rare. Made of high-quality steel, it provides a smooth effortless motion while the inner casing collects shavings for a no-mess effort. Such a boon in busy times.

    Rs. 550
  • Panache Compact Mirror Romance

    A little romance on the go! A beautiful heart-shaped mirror is what your handbag needs ASAP. A sturdy hinged construction encased in leatherette that opens to reveal two mirrors. What’s more? The high-quality glass can survive a fall or two.

    Rs. 249