This Just In: Kama Ayurveda’s All-Natural Makeup Remover

There are very few things to look forward to at the end of the day; Netflix or a good read, warm food, and a cosy blanket. But trumping that list is taking off your makeup ’cause let’s face it, great skin doesn’t come easy. Now, if you’re like the rest of us, too lazy or tired to care for an elaborate skincare routine (although we advise against it) getting rid of that piled-on, photo-finished coverage is a pressing step that needs addressing. Enter the all-natural wonder that’s going to be your BFF henceforth: Kama Ayurveda’s All Natural Makeup Remover
Suited for even the most sensitive skin, this gentle skin cleanser poses a triple-solution for common skin concerns. Taking off makeup, dirt, and grime at one go, then hydrating with aromatic essential oils, and finally replenishing the face with a heavy dose of moisturizing Shea Butter. We’re all aware that Kama is synonymous with luxury Ayurveda, so it isn’t news that this newest formulation follows suit. Hard on makeup but mild on the skin, think of it as a miracle-worker that multitasks on your behalf each night.
With a softly scented Jasmine aroma, a walnut-sized amount is enough to thoroughly cleanse. Apply directly to a freshly washed face and use a cotton pad to get rid of unwanted residue. The concoction literally melts into the skin, removing all traces of makeup. Talk about being efficient, amirite? What’s more, nothing—and we repeat nothing—will go unremoved. From that waterproof kajal to that long-lasting liquid lippie. The most budge- proof makeup will effortlessly glide off leaving zero residue. Never again will you complain of redness, harshness or even dryness, just a flawless clean canvas. Add a hint of sweet Rose and soothing Olive Oil to the mix and you’ve got yourself a magical potion that tones and calms irritated skin. Use this daily and your skin will thank us, promise!
Now, if you’re willing to venture a little further an easy-to-follow CTM routine is what you need. Start off with this new launch of course. Then, to tone apply Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water. The unmatched roses of Kannauj act as a natural astringent while refining pores. Lastly, finish off with Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream. An exotic blend of Saffron, Aloe and Vetiver, it clears blemishes and brightens the face for a radiant looking, youthful you.
Luxury Ayurveda all the way.