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Sugar just dropped their latest line of matte must-haves, and what sets this luxurious range apart is its ability to apply like a liquid but dry to a stunning non-glossy finish. Enriched with moisturizing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, pucker up with this ultra-hydrating formula that just doesn’t budge. Seriously, one swipe lasts for up to ten hours. No feathering, bleeding or touch ups needed. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Plus, the semi-opaque tubes look darling enough to stockpile on. No questions asked.
With a name like ‘Scarlet’ you very well know what to expect. If you’re hoping for an iconic red that grabs the limelight, consider this your weapon of mass appeal. With equal parts potent (highly pigmented) and pretty (deep red with blue undertones) it’s your LBB’s newest BFF.
Seriously when it comes to this royal hue we’re swiping right. It’s not often you’ll come across a dark hued shade that looks impeccable on all skin tones but this one, stands out and how. We can’t imagine another rich wine as versatile as this to take along to brunch or date night.
It’s safe to say Dusty Rose is officially the color of the season. But crashing this pink-only party is a hint of purple thanks to the Pantone 2018 palette. Enter the most romantic shade you’ll ever find this year: purplish taupe. Plus, with a slight blend of grey it’s a shade that’s here to stay.
Another purple-infused beauty to knock them over. Much like its sister Velvet Violet, this one too has a deep-plum mysterious vibe. Call it drool-worthy cause’ once you’ve crossed over to the dark side there ain’t no coming back. Better yet, end the purple dilemma forever by picking it.
If you’re looking to sport the infamous red pout but aren’t looking to go OTT, you’re in luck. While in crimson we’d usually trust to get us through the cooler months, it’s needless to say your luscious pout will cause envy. Move on boring pastels, there’s a new kid in town this spring.
We’re OD’ing on purple and as proof we’ve got another lavender on the block as if three weren’t enough. But don’t let the shade misguide you, as this mauve is more pink than lilac. Think of it as your go-to tinge when you find yourself at crossroads when deciding which one to choose.
Here’s an everyday nude that will sail you through sunlit haze and be your most-trusted confidante when the going gets tough. Paired perfectly with any skin tone it has a tiny bit of muted brown mingled in soft-pink for an understated yet always elegant pout. We’re sold, aren’t you?
Not looking for a bright vibrant hue? Then it’s safe to say we’ve saved the best for last. This brick-like shade mimics the earthy-tones we’ve all come to love and adore. 90s brown has made a comeback and we’ve hopped onto that bandwagon a long, long time ago. Mocha-town, here we come.