True Elements Apple Cider Vinegar With Honey(500ml)

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  • Considered to be the first choice of health conscious folks when it come to Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar(also known as ACV or Cider vinegar) is a type of vinegar made from the juices of fleshy apples. True Elements Apple Cider Vinegar with honey as the name suggests is a mix of honey and ACV. It is dark golden, almost brown colour liquid and has a soft sour taste to it with undertones of sweet honey.

    Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar :

    It is the most popular choice in the health community. It claims to have multiple health benefits that easily outnumber usual or any other type of vinegar. They include lower blood pressure, weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and is helpful to diabetics too.

    • Helpful in weight loss : Studies have shown that it is also known to be effective with weight loss. Certain elements of the vinegar disallow a lot of calories from getting into the bloodstream. The acetic acid present in vinegar also suppresses appetite thereby reducing the intake of calories in the first place.
    • Beneficial with metabolism : It increases metabolism which means faster breaking down of calories and fat in your body giving you greater energy on demand!
    • Has anti-inflammatory properties : It has anti-inflammatory properties. Rubbing it on bruised skin can make the skin tone around the place lighter.
    • Unblocks stuffy nose : Effective in unblocking a stuffy nose. The acetic acid present in it could contribute in unblocking the congestion in a stuffy nose.
    • Whitens teeth : Helps whiten teeth. It effectively removes stains from the teeth surface and renders you beautiful, clean and shiny white teeth.
    • Reduces acne : As a direct result of its antibacterial properties, True elements ACV with honey is known to reduce and control the intensity of acne on the face and body. It also helps maintain the pH level of the skin.
    • Makes a tasty mocktail : Owing to its sweet and sour taste, it makes for a savoury mocktail.

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True Elements Apple Cider Vinegar With Honey
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