True Elements Choco Chip Muesli(350gm)

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  • True Elements Choco Chip Muesli is for those who can't get enough of chocolate in a day. The flavor of this dense oats and nuts Muesli is enhanced by the addition of chocolate chips. It's a crunchy, chocolaty breakfast treat that's satisfying and loaded with flavor, nutrition and health benefits, Choco Chip Muesli gives a yummy chocolaty start to your day and since it is low on calories, it is perfect for kids, fitness freaks and weight watchers.

    Benefits of Choco chip muesli:

    • Muesli contains fiber which helps in weight loss.
    • It contains zero cholesterol no trans-fat; hence good for heart.
    • Keeps you full for a long time, hence curbing hunger pangs.
    • Oats and whole grains are rich source of fiber, works as an antioxidant and helps in lowering blood pressure.
    • Raisins help in fighting against bacteria which causes gum diseases.
    • Nuts are high in protein, rich in energy and great source of obtaining vitamin E.
    • Chocolate is full of antioxidants, boosts immunity.
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