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  • Chia seeds are an ancient warrior food used by the warriors for gaining energy. Many people claimed that a spoonful of raw chia seeds can keep them going for an entire day. These are among the healthiest food on the planet that can help your mind and mind, without any calorie gain. True elements offer high quality, nutrient dense Raw Chia Seeds. These seeds are ideal for fitness freaks. These seeds do not have a flavour of their own, it is actually it's texture that defines it. When eaten dry, they are crunchy just like the poppy seed. After it is soaked in water, they become plump, sticky and a little sweet.

    How can Raw Chia Seeds improve your health?

    • Need a pre-workout fuel? Have a smoothie/ water with this seeds: It can increase the performance for workouts. It also helps in building muscle and reduces our sugar cravings.
    • Improve your digestion, with a quick detox: Fibre promotes healthy bowel movements. It even helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body.
    • Trying hard to burn the belly fat? Add raw seeds to your diet: Just like any other seeds, it can help lose weight. They are rich in fibre and it swells up in your stomach and helps in keeping your stomach fuller for long. They also reduce food craving as they prevent some of the food from getting absorbed into the system. These are also low-calorie food. It also boost your metabolism and burn the belly fat.
    • Feeling deprived because you are diabetic? They can help: Some studies suggest that they can also control blood sugar by preventing the sugar to convert into simple sugars. They are a rich source of alpha linolenic acid and fibre, which helps prevent the metabolic disorder associated with diabetes.
    • Fibre can lower the blood lipid levels, reduce the inflammation and can lower the risk of heart diseases.
    • These contain calcium, and calcium is fundamental for bone health and thus maintains mass and strength of bones. Boron present in it is another nutrient essential for bone health.
    • Antioxidants present in it can prevent premature ageing of skin due to free radical damage.
    • Besides, It can help replenish lost energy, prevent bad breath and fight cervical cancer.
    • Fibrous seeds
    • Low-calorie, gluten free seeds
    • Source of high-quality protein
    • Contains omega 6 fatty acids
    • Anti-oxidant rich
    • Source of essential vitamins and minerals

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