True Elements Spearmint Infusion Tea(100gm)

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  • True Elements Spearmint Infusion Tea is a blend of select spearmint from the Himachal region. Unlike regular green tea, it has a uniquely refreshing flavour and scent. In general, mint based tea has regularly featured in Mediterranean, Indian and Asian cuisines.

    Spearmint is a native to Central Europe and during 1500s, it was used to prevent and treat scurvy because of its high Vitamin C content. It is a remedy for a multitude of disorders and the most effective way of consuming it is in the form of a tea.


    In addition to all the benefits of a regular Green Tea, it also offers a natural treatment for hirsutism - an imbalance of testosterone among women that manifests in an abnormal, masculine hair growth. Drinking this tea reduces free testosterone and increased oestrogen levels in hirsutism patients. True Elements Spearmint Infusion Tea is a healthy and completely natural alternative for treating this potentially embarrassing disorder. Its potency against acne and other skin allergies makes it a common product among people with sensitive skin.

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