Ustraa Turban Pride Shampoo(100ml)

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  • Brruuuah! Ustraa is glad to introduce a range dedicated to our Sikh brothers, un Veera vaste jere jinde ne life king size. You wear your Turban with pride and we make sure you look your best doing that. Kyunki apa SWAG di kammi nahi hon dene. These are specially formulated for Turbaned hair, to help you keep your kesh healthy & strong. It strengthen your hair from the roots, avoid breakage & repair scalp infections. It's also an anti-itching & anti-dandruff product. The mint gives you a cool & fresh feeling. Use this on days you wash your hair as per your current routine.


    • Reduces hair fall, keeps it shiny and soft.
    • Improves Tensile properties of hair fibers
    • Reduces itching and irritation
    • Treats Dandruff and is anti-inflammatory
    • Rich in Vitamin A & E
    • Provides a cool & fresh feel post hair wash

    Key Ingredients:

    • Soya Proteins: Helps keep the hair elastic by controlling the rate of moisture loss from the hair. It penetrates to the cortex and prevents hair breakage.
    • Hawthorne Extract: The organic compounds work on the scalp are anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant in nature and are good for reducing itching, healing wounds & other scalp conditions.
    • Wheat Protein: Prevents scalp from drying, which in return prevents breakage.
    • Mint Oil: Menthol treatments are very useful for treating dandruff spots. The minty harshness breaks down the clumps of dead skin, making it easier to rinse dandruff away with a simple shampooing or good scrub. This gives the head a long-lasting cooling sensation designed to provide comfort and reduce the feeling of heat and stuffiness inside the Turban.
    • Shea Derivative: Soothes dry and irritated scalp, possesses anti-inflammatory qualities and gets absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue or clogging the pores. It is great for softening and revitalizing damaged and brittle hair. Due to its non-greasy nature, it helps to control and spread the excess oil in the scalp.

    MRP: 299

    Expiry Date: 15th July 2019

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Ustraa Turban Pride Shampoo