Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub With Fenugreek & Lemongrass Oil

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  • Foot Scrub with Fenugreek and Lemongrass Oil is a uniquely designed foot scrub, that scientifically uses precious herbs & scrubs, to effectively exfoliate dead foot tissues & rejuvenate the rough & damaged foot skin. It is the best way to make your feet super soft & supple. Regular scrubbing helps remove the dead cells from the surface, revealing a healthier skin. It stimulates production of new cells, which keeps the skin looking healthy; helps maintain the elasticity and firmness; and even in repairing damaged skin of the feet.

    • Fenugreek helps greatly in reducing pain and swelling, and relaxing tired feet. It is also known to treat sun-burn, boils and other skin problems. It protects your skin against UV-induced damage too. Fenugreek, or Methi, being a rich source of Vitamin C, is granted with anti-oxidant, bleaching and toner properties. It fights signs of premature ageing as well as lightens the skin tone and fades blemishes. It also deep cleanses the skin; removes dead skin cells; flushes out toxins; tightens pores and makes the skin glow.
    • Jojoba Seed Grains gently unclog the skin pores by softening the blockage. They help in clearing the pores off impurities, as well as removing dead skin cells from the surface, without being harsh on the skin. This helps in reduction of dry, flaky patches; and evening of the skin tone; while revealing a smoother and brighter skin.
    • Lemongrass Oil has anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help in treating as well as preventing foot infections; including athlete's foot. And its analgesic action helps reduce inflammation as well as pain; thus, soothing and easing over-worked feet.
    • Walnut scrub helps rid the skin's surface off accumulated dead cells; as well as clear other impurities that are not effectively removed by regular cleansers. It thus compensates for the skin's slacking natural exfoliation process; gently smoothening and brightening the skin.
    • Turmeric stimulates cellular re-growth, i.e. production of newer, healthier cells to repair damaged skin. Curcumin also renders turmeric anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties. This helps soothe irritated and inflamed skin; as well as lighten the skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes respectively.
    • Sourced from the seeds of Garcinia Indica, Kokum Butter is an effective anti-oxidant, with a rich content of Vitamin E. It delays the signs of ageing, while stimulating the growth of new cells; to repair damaged skin as well as to keep the skin looking healthy.
    • Kokum Butter increases the skin's ability to absorb as well as retain moisture; making it an effective moisturizer to keep your feet supple. It is also known to reduce inflammation and calm irritated skin; as well as minimize the damage cause by the sun, including skin peeling, sunburn and sun-tan.

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