Vaadi Herbals Papaya Fairness Scrub Gel With Honey & Saffron

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  • The perfect combination to have a smooth & flawless complexion. Papaya Fairness Scrub Gel with Honey & Saffron clears and smoothens your skin texture; while removing the tan, and brightening the skin tone. It will make you love the way your skin looks and feels. A regular exfoliation makes sure your skin's pores unclogged for your skin breathe in oxygen which helps to keep up with the environmental changes and fight against the odds. Natural ingredients ensure that your skin doesn't lose its natural moisture, luster and health in the process.

    The face scrub gel has various beneficial ingredients that work wonders for your skin such as:

    • Papaya extract contains Papain, an extremely beneficial enzyme which helps in removing dead skin cells easily, unclogging the pores, making the skin breathable and adding a kissable glow which lasts longer. This prevents the formation of white heads or blackheads and keeps acne away. Papain is a powerful skin whitening agent. It treats blemishes, fights a tough sun tan, fades way dark spots and makes the skin visibly clearer and healthier.
    • Apart from being an excellent cleanser, the most exceptional thing about Honey is that it moisturizes the skin at the same time. Honey absorbs the skin's natural moisture and forms a protective film over the skin's surface, keeping it supple and soft. Honey works amazingly on all skin tones and is an instant relief from dry patches or oily overtones.
    • Kesar or Saffron is an excellent anti-acne, blemish-remover available in nature. It tones the skin, gives you a beautiful glow and as a cleanser, it seeps down the skin's pores, unclogs them and clears off the excess oil, exfoliating dead cells and yielding a newer, healthier skin. Saffron moisturizes the skin effectively, fights sun tan and acts on pigmentation and blemishes to clear the skin.
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