Wow Essential Basil Oil - 15 Ml(15ml)

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  • Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is the Mediterranean basil which thrives in hot , dry sunny climates and is famously used in italian cooking. The plant produces lush, highly aromatic green leaves, with tallspikes of white flowers at the end of summer. This essential oil is strongest in the leaves before the plant flowers.

    Sweet Basil was recommended by 17th century English herbalist Nicholas Culpeper to treat insect and snake bites. The essential oil has a fresh and herbaceous aroma with rich, warm, spicy undertones. It is non-sensitizing and non-toxic in low concentrations. The oil is known to enhance courage and give the energy to tackle new experiences. It clarifies inner goals.

    Sweet Basil, Lavender and Australian Sandalwood mixed in a carrier oil and rubbed into neck and shoulders is known to relieve anxiety and mental overload.

    Vaporizing 2 drops sweet Basil and 4 drops Myrtal improves concentration. A mix of Sweet Basil, Sweet Orange and Orange leaf in a carrier oil smoothened into skin is known to ease emotional vulnerability.

    A bath with 2 drops Sweet Basil and 4 drops Orange leaf settles nervous digestive upsets.

    A mix of 2 drops Sweet Basil, 4 drops Tea Tree and 4 drops Manuka in 20 g/4tsp skin mousse when applied to the affected areaheals insect bites and stings.

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