WOW Freedom Reusable Menstrual Cup & Wash - Large (Under 30 Year)(Large)

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Product Description
  • Time to change your menstrual habits with the WOW Freedom Cup! It is normally used for 12 hour cycles twice a day, however can be used and emptied more frequently in case of heavier flow.

    • It is safe to use this product overnight and it is suggested to be used first thing in the morning and then just before retiring to bed although it can be adjusted as per individual needs.
    • Ultra snug & ultra Easy to use - Safe, Hygienic & Environment friendly.
    • Watertight and odourless (exclusive Freedom Wash included in pack).
    • The cup can last up to 10 years if maintained correctly.
    • Softest cup made of high quality silicone. 

    Additional information: Wow Health Shop is a reputable company that is dedicated to enhancing your overall health with the natural herbal, health and beauty products. Based in Bangalore, India, they sell thousands of products including minerals, supplements, blended herbs, herbs and teas.

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