WOW Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo Free Paraben Sulphate(300ml)

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  • WOW Skin Science Hair Strengthening Shampoo is a premium shampoo formulated to help repair and revitalize weak, thin & damaged hair.

    Top-grade hair care for smooth & shiny hair

    Helps clear up dandruff & all other scalp infections

    Retains all the vital lipids needed for strength & softness

    Delivers a deep moisturizing & strengthening action

    Suitable for all hair & scalp types

    Formulated to deliver vibrantly healthy, strong & bouncy hair

    Bioactive Rich

    Powered with 100% pure Rosemary Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Soya Protein, Shea Butter & Argan Oil

    Traditional Remedy

    For flaky scalp, damaged hair, premature graying, hair loss & itchy scalp

    Totally Free Of

    Harmful sulphates & parabens

    Key Ingredients

    Rosemary Essential Oil - Boosts the blood flow to the scalp leading to better nutrition; slows down graying; helps clear up the flaky & itchy scalp, repair damaged hair & reduce hair loss

    Argan Oil – Reduces split ends, checks frizz & fading, conditions the hair

    Soya Protein - Helps prevent hair fall; penetrates into the damaged hair shafts to repair & strengthen; adds a silky gloss

    Tea Tree Oil - Helps unclog the hair follicles & boost nourishment for roots by loosening out dead skin cells, neutralizes the scalp fungi & bacteria

    Almond Oil - Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E & Magnesium; seals in the moisture; boosts silkiness; checks hair breakage & split ends

    How to use Wow Skin Science Hair Strengthening Shampoo

    STEP 1

    Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water & apply a generous amount of shampoo.

    STEP 2

    Gently massage all over the scalp & along the tresses with fingertips (not nails) for 2-3 minutes.

    STEP 3

    Wash it off clean & follow with a cold-water rinse. Let the hair air-dry.

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    Expiry Date: 15th November 2019

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WOW Organics Hair Strengthening Shampoo Free Paraben Sulphate
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