Zuska Perfumed Deo Spray Value Pack - Rebel and Titan(Rs.101 OFF)(150ml Each)

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  • Energize your spirit with the Zuska Perfumed Deo Value Pack. Rebel and Titan are amazingly, manly fragrances that will keep you fresh and smelling nice throughout the day.

    Zuska Rebel Perfumed Deodorant - 150ml

    Get your dose of daily freshness with the Zuska Rebel Perfumed Deodorant. This deodorant has been specially designed to fit the hectic lifestyle of the modern-day man. It has a unique scent that easily goes from daywear to nightwear.

    • Contains notes of Exotic Fruits and Spices mixed with Vanilla and Musk.

    • It is a long-lasting fragrance that keeps you fresh and active all day long.

    • Energizes your spirit with its exotic, manly scent.

    Zuska Titan Perfumed Deodorant - 150ml

    The Zuska Titan Perfumed deodorant has been designed for the man who is always up for a challenge. It is a combination of Spicy, Woody, and Musky notes that is alluring as well as captivating.

    • Contains a mixture of Spicy, Woody and Musky fragrances that provides all day freshness.

    • Long lasting fragrance.

    • With 2X more perfume that keeps you re-energised all day long.

    Additional Information: Leading American health and wellness organization Zoditha Inc. led to the creation of the Brand 'Zuska'. For over 20 years Zoditha’s aim has been to innovate consumer inspired products that bring positive changes in the lives of the communities they serve. Zuska has been especially developed for the young male adults, who are courageous, loyal and proud. The brand has been developed to provide them with strong, powerful scents. Smell great, feel fresh and confident with this Zuska Deodorant.

    MRP: 500

    Expiry Date: 15th November 2019

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Zuska Perfumed Deo Spray Value Pack - Rebel and Titan(Rs.101 OFF)