Finding the perfect scent for your wedding

November 2, 2016
Posted by Jinelle DLima
It’s no longer kosher to tie the knot in a small intimate setting. Today couples dream of exotic destinations—on the sands overlooking azure ocean waters or a regal affair in palaces with immaculately-carved gazebos and opulent courtyards. While venues can turn any dream-wedding fantasy into an unforgettable reality, more often than not the bridal vanity kit excludes one quintessential pick – fragrance. Listed below are the four main fragrance types decoded to suit your preferred venue.

Spring time wedding classics

Think Fresh. These light, energetic and airy scents are known by their citrus or green notes. Often made from lemon, orange and bergamot; and accented with herbal tones for that jolt of crispiness these fragrances revive the senses and lift the spirits. A great daytime choice for an uplifting springtime wedding in Kerala, The Venice of the East, or Pondicherry, The Cobblestoned French Colonial Beauty.