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3 Dramatic Graphic Eye Looks Decoded

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Growing up kohled eyed were my signature look for college. Smudged, tumbled-out-of-bed eyes were all the rage. And so it went until college was replaced by the office. Once you're a grown up, there’s no time to not look put together. Enter eyeliners. But who said eyeliners had to be in neat, pretty lines? So I picked up my makeup brushes to experiment with three different graphic eyeliner looks that breathe back life into eyeliners and nail the graphic eye makeup trend all at once.

Here are the eye makeup looks decoded:

Cattier than cat eyes!
Channelling one’s inner Cat Woman, this look is so dramatic and attention grabbing that you probably don’t need any other makeup. What you do need, however, is heaps of confidence and sass.
This isn’t the easiest graphic liner look to pull off. That said, the final impact is so majestic, the time is well worth it.  Start by highlighting the inner corner and brow bone so the liner comes clean without making the eye look too dull. Next, start with a usual cat eye liner while keeping the flick a little high.
Now it’s time to draw the arc a.k.a cat ears right from where your flick ended. Keep in mind you want to draw the arc well above your crease line so it shows up when your eyes are open. The felt-tip liner will give you better control without the need to layer.
If you want sleek, thin lines, I suggest you first draw the whole look without worrying about the thickness, since you can always clean up using a Q-tip and some oil free make-up remover. Finish the look with some more highlighter under the eye, inner corner and brow bone while using an angled brush for a polished effect.
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3 Dramatic Graphic Eye Looks Decoded - 2
Where's the colour, honey?
While black is the all-safe, all-dramatic colour in eye make-up, a little drop of colour alongside can bring dramatic effects. Putting it to test, I started with the most delicate and wearable of graphic eyeliners on the radar. And might I add, the results were impressive! Perfect for days that need an office-to-dinner transformation!
Start with a perfect but not too elaborate cat-eye. I always prefer starting with a flick and then join it to the rest of the upper lash line for a flawless curve. Once you’re done with the eyeliner, pick up a beautiful contrast colour and draw another flick starting from the outer end of lower lash line and extending right next to your cat-eye flick. Voila!
I am using an emerald blue eye crayon here but feel free to pick a colour that will highlight your own eye colour well. Just remember to use a pencil or a crayon and not eyeshadow so it stays put and doesn’t smudge around your flick.
Thick and slick
Perfect for those who want an edgier look with minimal to zero effort. One slick triangle flick and your make-up is on point with its drama quotient. Having said that, the key is using a non-smudge eyeliner, preferably sketch with a felt tip and layer for that glossy effect.
Start with a dusty gold base to brighten your eyelid without looking too distracting. I used a gold shade from the handy Maybelline quad which is fool proof for those who are still afraid of eye shadows and want to start with safest and most flattering options.
For fool-proof execution, I used a gel-liner and an eyeliner brush to draw the outline. Ensure your flick starts sharp and from the inner most corner of eyes. Once done, pick up an eye contour brush instead and using the same gel liner, filling it in. Remember to tap, not smudge for a mess-free finish. Finish it with a gloss finish felt-tip eyeliner to seal the pigment and impart a glossy eye that is bold and beautiful.
3 Dramatic Graphic Eye Looks Decoded - 3
An easy makeup tutorial for beginners:
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