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5 Benefits Of Squalane For Your Skin

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5 Benefits Of squalane For Your Skin

An ingredient which has been currently creating quite a stir in the realm of skin and haircare is squalane. This immense, almost overnight popularity of squalane can be attributed to A-listers like Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon singing praises of the workhorse for smooth, hydrated skin. But should you strive to introduce this active into your already elaborate skincare regimen? Let’s find out! Before we break down the benefits of squalane for skin (we will address how it benefits the hair some other time), we walk you through a quick overview of this comparatively new skincare component and how it is different from squalane (with an E)!

Difference Between squalane And squalane

As much as you detest the layer of oil sitting atop the dermis after a long nap or a couple of minutes outdoors — it is indispensable to a healthy microbiome. That’s right, a requisite quantity of oil churned by the sebaceous glands keeps the skin moisturized, supple and the acid mantle, intact. This oil alias, sebum composition is predominated by Triglycerides, fatty acids along with wax, squalane (with an E, discussed ahead) and so forth. Naturally present in the body, the measure of squalane slackens as one ages—which requires us to replenish and restore this ingredient into the skin via an external means.

However, before you jump the gun —don’t confuse this naturally occurring lipid, squalane with the ingredient plastered on bottles of serums and face oils. squalane, with an E, in its natural form, is prone to getting oxidized. To make it more shelf friendly without compromising on the potency, squalane undergoes the process of hydrogenation (or saturation for the unversed) to become squalane! The new celeb-adored beauty ingredient which has been gracing many-a serums and face oil concoctions.

5 Benefits Of squalane For Your Skin

Now that you are well-versed in the origin story of squalane —we take you through its many benefits. This fragrance-free, transparent active has been deemed safe for all skin types but works like a miracle on people with dehydrated skin. However, as we always advise our readers, don’t forget to do a patch test of your formulation of choice before carving a place for it in your vanity. Now without any further ado, a bulleted list of squalane benefits, hand-in-hand with our top product recommendations

1. Squalane Works Like A Miracle On Dry Skin

As the saturated oil apes the structure and properties of the epidermis’ natural sebum, slathering a squalane infused product will help keep your skin moisturized. If you are someone who grapples with dry skin, place your trust in the squalane Pilgrim Glow Moisturizer. The lightweight, exquisitely creamy formulation infuses beautifully into the skin to keep it taut and dreamy smooth! The product which is 100% safe, vegan and chemical free, also features Niacinamide and Vitamin C for brightening and firming.

2. Works Well For Reducing Fine Line And Wrinkles

The nourishing element is also a potent antioxidant, which helps protect the skin from oxidative damage and also adeptly reduces the appearance of pesky lines and wrinkles.

If the onset of fine lines has bogged down your spirit, we recommend the squalane-infused serum from the Canadian Cult Classic brand, The Ordinary. The infallible offering is non-comedogenic and serves as hero hydrator and diminishes the fine lines.

3. Squalane Bolsters The Health Of Your Skin Barrier

We know that an impaired skin barrier equates to inevitable damage in the form of tightness, inflammation and flaky skin. To uphold and maintain the acid mantle, it is essential to prevent transepidermal loss in all ways, shapes and forms. Which is where the squalane comes into the picture— the element forms a proactive layer atop the dermis and helps to double-down efforts for a healthy barrier.

To aid you in this endeavor, we are recommending Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream With Glacial Glycoprotein and Olive-derived squalane. The cloud light cream adroitly hydrates the epidermis and strengthens the barrier against probable external aggressors. It features the star ingredient, squalane in a plant-based form derived from olives.

4. Squalane Is An Ideal Match For Acne-Prone Or Inflamed Skin

If you are wary of lathering a squalane-infused serum into your skincare routine— pause and think again. The active which apes the natural oil produced by the skin, can curtail the sebaceous glands from working their way into an overdrive. Additionally, the non-condomogenic and anti-inflammatory properties make squalane quite the hit amongst people with oily or acne-prone skin. We are recommending the Minimalist 100% squalane Facial Oil For Moisturizing & Reducing Fine Lines. The serum is non-fragrant, devoid of oils and dyes and won’t aggravate pre-existing acne or acne-related concerns.

5. Squalane Increases Your Skin’s Elasticity And Gives It An Unparalleled Glow

No makeup can unlock the glow emanated by healthy skin. So, if your skin has been looking dull and beat, bearing the brunt of external factors — might we suggest investing in a Sqaulane-based product? squalane is an excellent emollient which sits tight on the skin, refusing moisture to escape. The light active seeps deep and works at a cellular level to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin. And don’t even get us started on the ludicrously bright shine imparted by the element, but doesn't feel greasy or icky. We are recommending The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Serum With 1% squalane And 10% Calendula Flower Extract to help your skin realize its latent radiance. The luxurious concentrate, formulated in South Korea, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin, teamed with a dewy effect.

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