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5 Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself In 2022

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While watching a show or movie, isn’t it strange to see people walking out their doors without wearing masks, or someone sneezing without everyone around them stepping away and sanitizing their hands? I recently met someone who hadn’t really noticed how hard her calluses were becoming before she was forced to stay at home and observe this. Yes, it’s safe to say that before the pandemic, we took a lot for granted like healthcare precautions, mental health conversations, skincare and even personal hygiene.

But now, the new normal involves taking better care of ourselves in every way that we may have ignored before. It’s not just about building physical strength and immunity, but a wholesome regimen that takes care of us as a complete unit—our mind, body, environment and the acceptance of ourselves that comes along with all of this.

The best part? You don’t need rigorous changes or complicated regimens to pull this off. Smaller changes made over a period of time and maintained regularly as a part of our every day can heal, rejuvenate and strengthen us better than say a harsh diet plan or a two month-yoga challenge.

We’ve rounded up five ways to take better care of ourselves that we must think about now, especially with a fresh new year ahead of us.

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1. A Good Night’s Sleep

A poor sleep cycle can cause dark circles and puffy eyes. Your body functions that involuntarily work when you’re asleep are left unfinished so your organs have to work extra hours when you’re awake, leaving you terribly tired. Second, zero rest and sleep deprivation lead to stress that can affect your work and make you feel uninterested and lazy. And finally, major health issues like a heart attack or stroke, sleep apnea and high blood preassure may arise if you don’t get enough good sleep regularly.

So, how does one get a good night’s sleep? Sleep hygiene. Follow a sleep cycle that suits you and your workload and stick to it. Encourage sleep improving techniques like making your bed cosier, lights dimmer, and screens put away before bedtime. Try to keep your bedroom separate from your work. You can also try some relaxing techniques like a short meditation routine before you get into bed.

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2. Fresh Air, Sunlight And You

We’ve all stayed indoors for too long, and our bodies are deprived of nature’s instant healers. The more time you spend inside, your rooms start to feel smaller, your daily routine becomes mundane and lethargic. If you are stressed, it’s most often difficult to get out of it. It also affects your health, with your body getting used to the limited space and your muscles getting stiffer. Deficiencies like vitamins D and B complex can pop up with your immunity dropping tremendously.

Instead, try to go for a walk once a day. If you do it alone, it can become a part of your self-care rituals. You can throw in some exercise, as simple as walking or trekking or even working outdoors. Or just take your book to the nearest park and indulge. Plan a road trip, organise picnics with your friends and family. A date coming up? Nothing’s better than a nice evening walk. Outdoors will help you heal, trust.

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3. Being Mindful Is Soulful

Mindfulness is a meditative technique that can help your body in many ways. It’s the art of total awareness where you practise bringing all your senses to the present. This allows you to stop obsessing over your stressful past and being anxious about the future. When you are aware of the sounds, sights and smells around you in the present, your body tends to relax truly and function with more ease and fluidity.

Mindfulness can also be practised in your exercises, your eating rituals, your sleep and even work. Mindful eating, in fact, was one of the most talked-about healthy eating techniques of 2021. All of these when practised and nurtured regularly can reduce your stress levels, bring positivity and energy to your body. It will also improve your organ functions, hence making your health better every day.

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4. Set Goals And Schedules

Setting goals and targets have always been one of the most crucial parts of every resolution. We often mistake our achievements or outcomes for our goals, making it laborious and arduous trying to achieve rather than create. It is actually the process that needs planning, irrespective of the outcome. And this planning includes your true goal as well as milestones that you’d like to set for yourself.

A good plan consists of achievable targets that motivate you without stressing you out. It sets aside time for all your needs and desires throughout the day, including meals, sleep, and workout. The plan gives equal importance to creativity and execution, so your path isn’t boring but challenging.

5. Prioritise Creativity And A Good Time

While you love what you do, it can still get a bit difficult to practise what you already know you’re good at. Writers get writer’s block, performers get stage fright, designers and architects end up with sloppy designs. It’s inevitable to reach a point where your work, however fascinating, needs a bit of a break to avoid the pressure and monotony.

So, take healthy breaks during work, find a creative interest and just have fun with it. It’s a miracle how a game of football or knitting a sweater can inspire a completely different area of expertise. And if you’re having fun, it’s a great way to relax and unwind from all the stress and work pressure. Find something that’s more than a hobby, a true passion that you’re interested in as much as your work and delve into it for a few hours every week.

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