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6 Easy & Chic Juda Hairstyles For the Festive Season

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 6 Easy & Chic Juda Hairstyles For the Festive Season

Festive occasions – whether a Diwali card party or your bestie’s wedding – demand creative hairstyles to keep up with your show-stopping outfits. However, they are not as simple to achieve as your Pinterest board will have you believe. Complex hairstyles, especially for those with clumsy, unsteady hands, require serious commitment. Yes, we want Instagram-worthy vibes but without the forearm cramp or a hole in the wallet.

But this shouldn’t mean you compromise on the glam factor. We’re here with a list of easy bun or juda hairstyles you can flaunt with both ethnic and Western outfits.

Things you’ll need: a little bit of effort and a lot of hairspray. Let’s go!

Messy Floral Juda

Flower power

Whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a saree to the next wedding or party, juda hairstyles with floral details work for both. Just create a classic messy bun, secure it in place with bobby pins and hairspray, curl the pieces at the front, and add floral accent pieces to finish. For a simple floral juda hairstyle, go with one or two fresh flowers, like roses or baby’s breath.

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Embellished Juda

Bling, bling

A juda hairstyle for a heavy outfit would be incomplete without embellishments. Even if you’re wearing a light outfit but want to look done up, an embellished juda style is the way to go. Simply choose from an oxidised or traditional juda pin or a chain-style accessory to add some bling to your tresses. Make sure to use bobby pins in the right places to keep your accessory from budging.

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Gajra Juda

Gajra girl

All set to turn heads on garba night? Let this gajra juda hairstyle be the final touch. And if you are a soon-to-be bride, you may want to consider this classic flower garland-adorned hairstyle for the big day! There are a lot of different ways to wear this bun or juda – to begin with, decide the type of juda you want: low bun, slick-back, or messy. Then, simply adorn your juda with fresh gajra strands and secure it with enough pins (check out Alia Bhatt for inspo). Want a shortcut that will also stay longer? Check out our recommended artificial gajra bun accessory below.

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Juda With a Twist

Braided bun – yes, please

Are you looking for a lehenga juda hairstyle? We highly recommend this one – a juda hairstyle with a twist is simply half-braided and half-bun. Admittedly, you might need some help with the braiding part – if you’re not particularly skilled at that – but the final look is worth the extra effort. Take a cue from the queen of hairstyles, Sonam Kapoor – go for a middle parting and braids at the sides. Secure the rest of your hair in a bun, and finish with flowers or a juda pin. If you have short hair, try a juda extension for a no-fuss solution. You can also skip the accents and wear them as is for a party juda hairstyle!

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Top Knot Juda

Sleek and glamorous

The easiest and chicest of them all, a top knot bun has got to be the best party juda hairstyle (and, might we add, a bad hair-day saviour). Taking inspiration from the likes of J-Lo and Deepika Padukone, you can flaunt a top knot juda with both Western and ethnic dresses. It’s also a simple juda hairstyle for when you want to give your tresses a break from over-styling. The trick to getting the top knot bun right is to ensure a sleek look. The solution? Use a generous amount of hair gel (aloe vera gel works, too) on a spoolie or toothbrush, and smoothen out any flyaways and baby hairs. And voila, you have a red-carpet-worthy look.

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Choose from these six juda hairstyles for the next party, puja, or pandal hopping. You can also rock these for wedding functions – both as the bride or a guest. Remember to use copious amounts of hairspray or gel, double-sided tape for your maang tikka, and strategically placed bobby pins. This way, your hair-do won’t come undone or in the way of you having a whole lot of festive fun!

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