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7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Pesky In-Grown Hair

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Dealing with in-grown hair is surely annoying. Ingrown hair is hair that started growing outwards, but then curled under itself and began to grow inward, under the top layer of your skin. A common reason for the hair getting trapped is because the follicle gets clogged with dead skin cells.

Not to forget, ingrown hair is painful and unsightly. It can also lead to sore spots, redness, itchiness and even pigmentation. So, naturally, we took it upon us to find ways to prevent in-grown hair for once and for all. Below, we share some fool-proof tips that have helped me bid farewell to in-grown hair. Let’s go!

1. Exfoliate Often

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Make sure that you are buffing away dead skin cells, excess sebum and dirt with a body scrub every week. This prevents in-grown hair by breaking down the sebum and dead skin cells that cause an obstruction, so that the hair can reach the surface much easier without getting inflamed. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is enough.

2. Never Dry Shave

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Shaving your skin when it is dry, is inviting trouble. It can create sharp edges which further worsens in-grown hair. Always use a pre-shave gel or shaving cream and allow it to soak into your skin for a few minutes before you go right at it. This softens the hair and skin and sets you up for a smoother shave.

3. Don’t Pull At Your Skin

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We get it, you want baby soft, hairless, smooth skin. So, the tempt of pulling at your skin for a closer shave will be quite strong. That’s when you need to fight that intrusive thought. Because holding your skin tight allows the remaining hair to curl back and grow inside the skin, which leads to in-growth. Same is the case with shaving against the direction of your hair growth. Letting your skin sit naturally and shaving in the direction of your hair is the best thing you can do. Also, ensure that you’re using the right blade.

4. Post-Shave Care

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If you simply bathe, apply a body lotion and go about your day after shaving - pls stop. You need an after-shave treatment to dissolve any dead skin cells and refine your pores to prevent possible clogging. This would also help restore moisture and calm any inflammation or post-shave irritation.

5. Up Your Shower Game

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“Little steps can create huge differences.” - a salicylic acid infused shower gel. I kid you not, salicylic acid is the answer for any pore-related problem. Be it body acne or in-grown hair, this ingredient will gently exfoliate, keep your pores healthy and avoid any kind of boohoos.

6. Consider Hair Removal Alternatives

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If you’ve been loyal to shaving so far, then you might already know that it is the biggest culprit behind in-grown hair. Which is why you might want to consider hair removal creams or waxing to de-fluff. These methods do not promote sharp edges and hence you’ll be far less likely to develop in-grown hair.

7. Leave It Alone

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Don’t pick at it. Don’t tweeze. Don’t squeeze. If you spot an in-grown hair post hair removal, leave it alone. All these methods combined are equipped to take care of it. If you meddle, you might get an eerily satisfaction of popping a pimple, but you’ll be developing a near permanent scar. On another note, you can use a body lotion with exfoliating acids to gently exfoliate and refine your pores.

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