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8 DIY Nail Art Designs That Make Short Nails Look Fabulous

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nail art for short nails

It’s January 2022, and the universe (read COVID) still doesn’t want us to step out of our houses yet. But we’ve figured out various ways to make our lives more interesting while we’re at home. And the easiest and most creative way to add some drama into our otherwise mundane housebound routine? Nail art!

When it comes to nail art, long nails tend to get all the attention. But just because you like to keep your nails short, doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun with them.

So, here’s a handy guide to simple nail art designs for short nails that you can use for inspiration.

nail art for small nails

1. Minimally Floral

Regardless of the size of the nails, floral patterns are always a safe bet. This short nail art idea combines simplicity with contemporary design elements. All you need to do is to coat your nails with transparent lacquer (this will add a layer of gloss), then paint little flowers on some of the nails. You can add minimal lines or French tips to the other nails. This nail art design is minimal and quirky at the same time.

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2. Monochrome Palette

It’s a truth as old as time that you can never go wrong with a monochrome palette, especially if you have unusually short nails and can’t try any experimental designs. Simply paint your nails with soft pink or nude, and add some swirly or geometrical black elements. This nail art idea is especially suitable for small nails that have less surface area and cannot accommodate complicated designs.

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nail art designs for short nails
short nail art

3. Cloudy And Cute

If you’re looking for a happy aesthetic, then this nail art design for short nails is just perfect. Just give your nails a transparent base coat or a bright pastel hue and then paint little white clouds on it. The best part? This design is incredibly versatile and can go with any and every outfit. If you have the right brush for it, you can try creating it at home and experiment with various pastel colours as well.

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4. Golden French Manicure

A French manicure has a way of making anyone’s nails look effortlessly elegant. This modified golden French manicure is the perfect nail art for small nails as it makes them look elongated. The gold also gives your look a festive touch. If the bold metallic shade  is not for you, give the design a try with silver instead.

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5. Starry Night

One of the easiest nail art designs for short nails, this one’s all about channeling some celestial energy into your look. Start off by applying a rich, deep shade of blue or black. Then paint little stars at the centre of each nail. Painting the stars can be challenging, so you can use nail stickers if you’re not confident about your painting skills.

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6. Dainty Dots

Another popular nail art design for small nails, this one is the simplest of all and won’t take you more than a few minutes. Ideally, pick a nail polish colour that’s darker than the colour you’ve picked for the polka dots. You can opt for brighter colours like green, orange, and red. Remember to coat your nails with a transparent lacquer first.

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7. Checkers

One of the trendiest nail art designs for short nails, this one plays on the traditional checkered pattern. Start off by painting your nails in your choice of base. Use a thin brush to paint checks with a contrasting colour. Who would have thought that having attractive, trendy-looking nails could be this easy, right?

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8. Galaxy Nails

For a truly ethereal look, paint your nails with a galaxy or a spatial illusion. The deep richness of the galaxy blue or space black should be complemented by a few stars or holographic elements that add the necessary contrast and complete the heavenly look. You can use sequins or a metallic paint for the same.

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