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FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE - Wrapped In Your Arms

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Nothing feels better than coming home to something you love, the thing that makes you feel complete after a long day of hubbub   except for watching your favorite tv show re-runs or devouring your favorite tub of ice cream. Besides that, what makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine? It’s the feeling of being gently caressed and embraced by someone special that brings nothing but sheer ecstasy. But what if I told you, I found something that would make you feel exactly like you're wrapped in someone’s arms? Enter: The Wrapped In Your Arms collection.  This entire range is infused with blushing blossoms and sweet raspberries, which upon touching your skin gives it a lashing of love and almost makes you feel like you’re falling on a bed of roses. So, it’s finally time to show your skin some love with the Wrapped In Your Arms range that’s gonna leave you looking glowy and skintastic all day. Get set to be showered with love (quite literally) and take your bathing experience to a whole new level that’s gonna revive your skin in a jiffy.

best body scrub

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms Exfoliating Body Scrub Blush Rose & Raspberry

Elevate your shower regime with this cocktail of crushed natural sea salt, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Shea butter (love that). This body buffer gently exfoliates your skin and eliminates dead skin cells and dirt. So, twist open the lid and fall in love with the wrapped in your arms scrub which is completely scent-stational and makes way for healthy and glowing skin.

best shower gel

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms Shower Gel Blush Rose & Raspberry Sulfate-Free

Coming up next, we have the stardom of the collection. Why? Because of its alluring formulation that smells as good as it looks. This divine smelling shower gel is infused with glistening shimmers that makes it the best bottle of bubbles your skin will adore. It’s fabulously foaming shower gel switches into a creamy lather leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean!

best body lotion

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms Moisturising Body Lotion Blush Rose & Raspberry

A sensationally, soothing, body lotion that’s gonna amp up your me-time ritual. Topped with heart notes of blush rose and raspberry, this body lotion just hugs your skin leaving it velvety smooth. The sweet raspberries definitely transport you to a place of bliss. It’s literally a pink sorbet in a bottle!

best body butter

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms Soufflé Body Butter Blush Rose & Raspberry

It is time to butter yourself up with this insanely, ultra-nourishing body butter so whisk away with the Soufflé Body Butter that is going to provide your body with the burst of hydration and tenderness that it needs. Immerse your body with its spa-worthy, light-as-air formulation which is the perfect post-shower pamper goodie you need on your bathroom countertop!

best body mist for women

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms Body Mist Blush Rose & Raspberry With Vitamin E

Love at first mist ? Yes, absolutely. This uplifting body mist is dripping with Vitamin E, and when applied to your skin instantly refreshes it. The fresh dewiness of the mist coats your skin with its oh-so-nourishing formula and almost wraps your skin with love. It’s lush scents of rose and raspberry leaves you smelling magnifi-scent all day long. A light spritz is all you need to fall under the spell of love.

best scented candle

Find Your Happy Place - Wrapped In Your Arms Scented Candle Blush Rose & Raspberry

Melt away the day with the Wrapped In Your Arms scented candles that conjure vibrations of love. Bursting with floral fragrances, it almost refreshes any space in no time. So, light up this bottle of love and tap into a perfect zen mode. Its long- lasting fragrance reminds you of what it’s like to be wrapped in one’s arms.

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