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Here’s How Rose Water Can Benefit Your Skin

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It’s alluring how magical two humble ingredients can be. Rose petals and distilled water can just be the answer to your skin problems. Rose water is something that our nanis and dadis also used to bank upon; and we’re sure you have a bottle of it tucked away in your beauty cabinet too! But why are we so obsessed with rose water? And how do you use rose water for your face? Let’s find out.

But First, What Exactly Is Rose Water?

Rose water has been used for centuries in the Middle East as a beauty tool and has a multitude of benefits. The most authentic way of preparing rose water is by steam distilling fresh rose petals. One clear line of difference is that pure rose water will leave behind a mellow and subtle scent, whereas artificial ones will have an overpowering fragrance.

The Benefits Of Rose Water For Face

1. Calms skin

Rose water is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which helps soothe redness, irritation and inflammation. This is because it has a pH value of 4 - 4.5, which is lower than our skin’s natural pH level, and hence helps calm the skin.

2. Controls oiliness

If your skin tends to get oily very easily, then rose water can be a game-changer. It helps reduce and balance sebum production in the skin, which helps curbs excess oil. This is also good news for people who are struggling with acne.

3. Ultra nourishing

Rose water can take your skin’s hydration level up by many notches. It acts as a nourishing and hydrating agent that quenches your skin’s thirst and combats dryness by restoring lost moisture.

4. Contains antioxidants

It’s an excellent anti-ageing agent, as it reduces oxidative stress, fights free radicals and reduces premature signs of ageing. This in turn, keeps your skin looking bright and youthful.

5. Minimizes large pores

If blackheads, whiteheads and tiny bumps are your frequent visitors, then you must give rose water a try. It can effectively minimize the appearance of large pores, and make your skin glow.

6. Has a relaxing effect

The soothing, mellow fragrance of rose water can alleviate stress and calm the nerves. Next time your mood takes a hit or you feel gloomy, you know where to turn to!

How To Use Rose Water For Your Skin And Face?

1. Rose water toner

Using rose water as toner is the first thing that comes to mind! Simply take a coin-sized amount of rose water and pat it in your skin. Wait until it is completely dry and then move on to your next step in your skincare routine.

2. De-puff your eyes

Had a long day at work? Simply soak a cotton pad/ball in rose water and place it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Rose water has excellent cooling properties that’ll relax the nerves around your eyes and de-puff them.

3. Use it as an after-shave

Razor burn? Rashes? What’s that! Because now you have a fool-proof after-shave - rose water. Because of its high anti-inflammatory properties, it can easily soothe redness and irritation. Simply spritz some on freshly shaved skin, and you’re good to go!

4. Reduces discolouration

If you’ve got acne marks, dark spots, or uneven skin tone, listen up! Spritzing some rose water in the AM and PM will help you get rid of pigmentation and pave the way to even-toned, glowing skin!

5. Softens lips

Yep! Why should your lips feel left out? Fact is, rose water can soothe and heal cracked and dry lips easily. All you need to do is saturate a cotton pad with rose water and dab it on your lips. Once done, you can go over with your lip balm. Do this everyday, for baby soft, pink lips!

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