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3 Benefits Of Using A Moisturising Body Lotion During Summer

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benefits of body lotion

The onset of summer has spurred us to switch things up on our shopping lists and how. From purchasing a select variety of foods for the pantry (seasonal fruits and veggies being the wildcard summer entrant) to inclination towards lighter, softer fabrics for everyday wear — pretty much a yearly drill we know like the back of our hand. And sure enough, the assortment of beauty concoctions adorning our dressers, looks a lot different from a few months ago.

With the mercury steadily rising, the nuanced choice of swapping a hydrating face wash with a foaming variety, introducing a clarifying formula in the weekly hair care ritual and so on, is a testament to the growing awareness amongst us, the consumers — about skin or (hair types), pesky underlying issues and the seasonal impact that aggravates existing conditions. And yet, the rookie mistake that even the most ardent of beauty enthusiasts tend to make is skipping a moisturiser for skin during summer (especially the body).

There are a gamut of benefits of body lotion, tackling dry skin being only one of the many (barely scratching the surface here). The grave lapse in judgement of giving this nonnegotiable step a miss, can be attributed to the misconstrued notion of associating dry skin with only the cold months. News flash- the skin is susceptible to extreme dryness and flaking during the summer, too. The sweltering heat can zap all the moisture from the varying layers of the skin and make it appear exceedingly dull - it's all textbook science, y'all. To further squash any doubts you have about summoning this hero formulation for body care, we have listed all the benefits of using a body lotion in summer.

Benefits Of Body Lotions

1. Moisture Retention

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Aqualogica Glow+ Silky Body Lotion with Papaya & Vitamin C

Your skin is susceptible to getting extremely dry during summer. The blazing sun extracts all the moisture content from the skin, making it appear dry and dull. To circumvent the problem and help retain the moisture into the skin, apply a generous coat of your moisturising body lotion after stepping out of the shower. Moreover, the skin is prone to becoming painfully dull and lacklustre when exposed to the sultry heat, which is why we recommend opting for a moisturising body lotion infused with Vitamin C. This potent formulation is bound to brighten the skin whilst administering any discolouration.

2. Nourishment

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Minimalist SPF 30 Body Lotion With Vitamin E, Gylcerin & Green Tea Extract

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NIVEA Sun Lotion- SPF 50+ PA+++ with UVA & UVB Protection

Moisturising the body on the reg ensures the skin its warranted dosage of mourishmnet. It helps to shield the skin from external aggressors by maintaining a healthy microbiome, strengthening the skin barrier and reversing ageing. Body lotions imbued with Vitamin K help improve skin's elasticity, making it appear more supple and smooth. Similarly, Vitamin A for boosting the immunity and E for keeping inflammatory damage (occurrence due to the UV rays) at bay— are considered the MVPs of the body care domain.

3. Elevates Your Mood

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Bath & Body Works Vanilla Patchouli Body

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Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion

While there are a myriad of functional benefits that you can reap from using body lotions, it in no way undermines its power to uplift your mood. Be it the divine fragrance or the exquisite creamy texture– slathering the lotion onto your body helps awaken all the senses. Moreover, the cooling effect that a satiating lotion has on the body, leaves you feeling calm and centred.

The good news is - Nykaa carries a range of potent and delish body lotions. Make sure to incorporate them in your everyday bathing regimen and teleport to your happy place, in a jiffy!


Q1. How To Use Body Lotion?

Ans: Take a coin-sized amount of your favourite body lotion, rub it between your palms and massage it all over your legs, arms and the rest of your body. Pay extra attention to the knees and elbows (while topping up more lotion), which tend to get flaky more frequently. We recommend massaging the lotion right after your shower, when the body is still damp. It will ensure that the moisturiser traps the water content into the skin.

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