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Viral Trends And The 4 Products You Need To Create Them

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The ever-dynamic space of beauty births trends every waking minute. While some fizzle out in the blink of an eye, several others stand the test of time and become indispensable to the industry. Ahead, Beauty Book sheds light on only a smattering of such viral trends that have emerged as fan favourites. From the colourful liner fad, making the beauty snag an essential in every MZer’s vanity to the ever-growing demands for lip oils, a more novel product but certainly a non-negotiable staple for attaining the clean-girl look; we bring you to speed on trends you may have, narrowly missed! If you too want to jump on the bandwagon and try your hand at these trends, we are here to help you with a list of stellar offerings from globally-adored labels on the Cross-Border store. Experience the joy of experimentation with grade-A level, potent formulations at your disposal! While at it, check out the select brands now available on Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store here. The CBS store on Nykaa has been striving to bring the most coveted International labels to your doorstep everyday. Now, without any further ado to a line-up of Beauty Products you need to create viral trends.

1. Trend: Colourful Liners,

Featuring Hero Product: SUVA Beauty UV Brights

best eyeliner palette

SUVA Beauty UV Brights

Embody the cheery summer vibe with a colourful strobe on the eyes. Whether you opt for a versatile, reverse cat eye or want to flaunt ‘the’ graphic, floating crease— the SUVA Beauty UV Brights palette will allow for an intuitive colour election. The gorgeous palette boasts supremely pigmented hues (or 5 glow cakes) which are bound to inspire the creative lurking within you. I can vouch for this from my gratifying experience-grasping the brush within my fingers to create, helped me establish an unceasing flow. Moreover, the infallible formula is long-lasting and isn’t prone to smudging!

2. Trend: Multipurpose Makeup

Featuring Hero Product: HINDASH Color Fluid - Heartist

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HINDASH Color Fluid - Heartist

Multipurpose products have taken the beauty industry by storm, and rightly so. It gives the women on the go the gift of convenience. For a teensy pop of colour anywhere on the face, a single all-in-one offering has spared us the trouble of lugging around a whole vanity. One such star product from Hindash is the Colour Fluid. With an intense colour pay-off, you may use it on the lids, the cheeks and the lips. The hue is buildable and mixed with a base offering, it delivers a more natural flush!

Featuring Hero Product: B. Amuse Dew Tint

best lip tint

B. Amuse Dew Tint

This feather-light concoction hugs your lips and allows its natural colouring to shine! Imparting a glossy finish, this nifty tube is a handbag hero. Available in 12 different varieties, the tint provides your lips with the required dose of nourishment. The potent brew with apple extract and Vitamin E keeps the lips soft while shielding them from possible external aggressors.

3.Trend: Lip Oils,

Featuring Hero Product: NOONI Lip Oil Appleberry & Appletea

best lip oil

NOONI Lip Oil Appleberry & Appletea

Fuller lips with a juicy burst of colour? Sign us up, please! This ultra-moisturising formula from NOONI is an ideal offering for acing the clean girl look. Never greasy or heavy, it sits comfortably on your lips while giving them a subdued hint of colour. Moreover, if you have been chasing cushiony lips, this Lip Oil will be promoted as a BFF!

4.Trend: Sun Protection Skincare

Featuring Hero Product: Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Sun Gel

best sunscreen

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Sun Gel

The heat waves have indeed been stressing us out. With the celsius going all haywire, we have been slathering on heaps of sunscreen to shield ourselves against the harmful UV radiations. But what if you could avoid the extensive layering of your skincare, atop sunscreen, with just one hero product? The Isntree Ha Sun Gel aims at hydrating the skin while also arming it with sun protection. Infused with a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF50+ PA++++) this gel is a must-have for the sweltering summer. It boasts 8 varying HA molecules (each with a different molecular weight) that adroitly seep into your skin and give it the warranted boost of hydration.

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