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Nykaa Predicts The Biggest Beauty Trends For 2023

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2023 beauty trends

The tectonic shift in beauty has birthed trends, ensued purpose-led transformation and sparked technology-led innovation in the past years. And 2022 was no exception. While steadily reeling from the unprecedented catastrophe that struck us not many moons ago, the burgeoning facet of personalised, indulgent skincare continued to attract many. Undertaking this daily practice was not only for the attainment of clear, beautiful skin but also as an act of self-love and placation.

Moreover, the awakening of conscious consumers provided a segue for makeup formulations to boast more naturally-derived ingredients that bode well for the skin. This crossover between skincare and makeup has seen a fourth-year shift in the ongoing year and is only expected to expand further.

The year also saw the resurgence of many beauty trends — Y2K and ‘80s made a colossal comeback in the creators’ community, with every recreation video raking in millions of views.

From celebrities breaking new ground in clean, sustainable beauty with upcoming brands to pop culture phenomena such as Euphoria and Wednesday inspiring inventive and eclectic looks on our mood boards, we sure witnessed holistic growth in the industry.

As we tread the threshold of a new year, we assess some of these aforementioned trends that will stand the test of time and predict some inventive never-seen-before concepts that are sure to break the internet. Ahead, we bring you a beauty forecast for the year 2023 — a list that has been curated with careful consideration by the pros at the Nykaa office to help you get ahead of the game.

1. In The Pink OF Health

Beauty born out of health is most desired with lush, shiny hair and glowing, dewy skin being key hallmarks. The idea that beauty lies at the core of good health lies is becoming popular. While gut health, hormonal health and beauty supplements are in focus, skincare products backed by medical claims are becoming increasingly popular.

a. Beauty RX

As consumers become more informed about their skin types and pertinent issues, dermat-approved skincare products with clinically backed ingredients are coming back in focus. Think no-frills French pharmacy products that guarantee visible results.

b. Back To Nature

The severity of the ongoing climate crisis has prompted young consumers to switch to conscious, clean and vegan brands. Ingredients derived from nature like CICA, bakuchiol and such have also emerged as popular alternatives to more traditional active ingredients. Earthy nudes and soothing greens are in focus for makeup and nails.

c. Barrier Boosting Actives

Just like in 2022, barrier health will continue to be in focus with an overall emphasis on preventative skincare. Popular barrier-enhancing ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide and peptides will reign supreme. Sunscreen, blue light protection, and anti-ageing skincare are increasingly becoming a staple amongst the Gen Zs.

d. Big Supermodel Hair

Bolstering hair health from the inside out for lush, voluminous glossy tresses will continue to gain momentum. Achieved with numerous hair care techniques like deep oiling, scalp exfoliation and regular masking-healthy hair is the primary hair trend for 2023. An increased inclination towards hair supplements corroborates the certitude. Volume-enhancing cuts are in focus with minimal styling to reduce heat damage and let the hair's natural health shine through.

e. The Clean Girl Look

Attained with a combination of skincare and makeup, this polished look aims to create a ‘you-but-better’ image. Think ultra-hydrated skin, radiance-enhancing blushes and highlighters and plump, glossy lips.

f. Evolved Self Care

Feel good on the inside to look great on the outside -consumers of 2023 will continue to traverse unconventional methodologies to meet their holistic health goals. While gut and hormone health are in focus, other wellness techniques like somatic exercises and EFT tapping are gaining popularity on social media.

2. Enhanced Experiences

As the market gets increasingly flooded with a plethora of options, customers gravitate towards products that can offer them beyond just results, a novel or whimsical experience to remember. Personalisation and carefully curated routines are gaining traction, as are newer formats of packaging that enhance user experience.

a. AR/ VR Experiences

The burgeoning crossover between AR/ VR and beauty with the intent to tailor-make experiences will irreversibly alter how we shop for beauty offerings. From beauty pop-up shops in the metaverse to using AR for virtual makeup try-on — the hold of technology in beauty will only go from strength to strength.

b. K- Beauty Resurgence

K- Beauty has always been a fixation amongst seasoned skincare enthusiasts, pros and impassioned viewers. With the beauty model transforming from the rigid 10-step skincare regimen to a more personalised, adaptive and fluid template– we are bound to see an unparalleled revival of this trend in 2023.

c. Novel Formats

With a deluge of beauty offerings saturating the market, the consumer of 2023 will continue to seek novel formats in packaging that can enhance the usability of familiar products or offer a playful, whimsical experience.

d. Hybrid Products

Evolving consumers and hence a shift in buying behaviour made hybrid products quite the rage this year. A trend that will continue to disrupt the beauty industry in 2023. Think serum foundations, gloss balms and even super-serums that are meant to streamline a multistep routine into a simpler one.

3. Maximalism, Reinvented

Caprice, individuality and expression will form the core of the maximalism aesthetic, which shall undergo a metamorphosis in 2023. With minimalism taking a back seat- indulgent skin care for well-rounded wellness, glam avatars that emanate the individual's state of mind, and playful OTT nails will continue to attract the younger demographic.

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a. Heading-Turning Fragrances

Intense, strong and unique fragrances with amber accords and Oud accents will be in focus. Fruity scents will get a strong earthy twist as they are balanced with rich gourmands, or zesty spice notes.

b. Indulgent Rituals

Long, elaborate and indulgent rituals are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek newer ways to unwind and rejuvenate. Ayurveda-inspired facials, massages and deep oiling rituals will continue to stay in demand as are Ayurveda-backed ingredients that promise a luxurious experience along with safe, natural results.

c. Dark Glam

Euphoria’s impact on makeup will continue with a darker twist in 2023- looks will be darker, and more striking (think metallic and glitter accents on darker tones) yet imperfectly executed to lend character to the look. As Wednesday Addams goes viral, the mood will continue to gravitate towards a soft goth vibe.

d. Experimental Nails

Just like makeup, self-expression and fun will remain at the core of nail trends for 2023. French Manis will undergo a colourful metamorphosis with neon and pastel tips, whereas Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails will continue to reign supreme. Animal print accents and colourful gradients are gaining popularity among MZers.

Championing Pink

From Valentino Pink’s much-talked-about launch to Margot Robbie’s upcoming Barbie movie, a hot, vivid shade of pink is beginning to capture the imagination of the masses this year. With Barbiecore fashion (think in-your-face 2000’s glam) on a steady rise and Pantone declaring Viva Magenta as the colour of the year for 2023, this bright, energetic shade is all set to be in focus this year. Bold and energetic, it signifies playful vitality while also celebrating hyper-femininity.

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