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Best Face Washes For Every Type of Skin

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Whether you have normal, breakout-prone, oily, dry or sensitive skin, there’s a cleanser meant for just your skin type. Now get just the face wash for all your complexion needs.
If you have Normal Skin
Congratulations! Now to keep your trouble-free skin balanced, you need a face wash that’s slightly acidic and keeps your skin neither oily nor dry. It should thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and oil. Pick one that doesn’t contain alcohol, synthetic fragrance, or artificial colors. Finally, it should be suited for all skin types.
If you have Combination Skin
You need a cleaner that’s gentle enough on drier parts of your face and strong enough to keep your oily T-zone in check. You need natural ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Peppermint that soak up oil and deep clean without drying out parts of your face that don’t grease up by midday.
If you have Sensitive Skin
You need a soap-free cleanser that’s meant for sensitive complexions. Look for a formula that is free of sulphates, artificial perfumes and harsh irritants that can upset your skin.
If you have Dry Skin
This skin type tends to look dull and feel tight no matter how much day or night cream you slather on. The trick is to start with a face wash that cleanses without stripping the moisture barrier. Scrubs and foaming cleansers are not recommended.
If you have Oily Skin
If oil is your arch enemy and even mattifying makeup tends to slide off your face by noon, you need an oil-free cleanser that absorbs oil and works even after you’ve washed your face, so that you stay oil-free and shine-free all day.
If you have Acne-Prone Skin
Stay away from exfoliators. They’ll only irritate your skin even more. You need a gentle—yet effective—formula with acne fighting ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid that will get to the root of the problem.
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