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Trend Alert—Y2K Moments That You Can Create Under 5 Minutes

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As a woman waltzing her way into her thirties, (hey there, fellow millennials), I can’t help but reminisce about the golden age of Y2K (because I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block?). My fondness for this era is attributed to innumerable things—great music, brilliant TV shows, and no responsibilities (bills, who?) to cite a few. Classic, but that is just me! On a slightly different note, the reason why the era has been deemed iconic by makeup artists, fashion enthusiasts and impassioned audiences alike — it sprouted never-seen-before trends that took the world by a storm back in the year 2000. Yes, before our generation popularised the no-makeup makeup look and minimalism of sorts in the realm of beauty, a pop of vibrant hues on the eyes, a tint of red on the cheeks was mega. Not to mention, the super glossy lip, ultra-thin brows, crimped hair and frosty lids, these beauty fads that we have loved and flaunted are making a huge comeback. Witnessing these trends unfold on my Instagram feed with social media users recreate the Y2K (aka Year 2000) trends with their spin on it, inspired me to do the same. Best part? I’ve curated the best of the era that you can create in under five minutes. You’re welcome.

Fresh Face

The era of Y2K favoured fresh, dewy makeup looks as opposed to matte as a preferred finish. To ace the look, start with an illuminating primer for the base. Top this off with a lightweight foundation. Apply it using the dot technique on the high points of your face and blend with a foundation brush. Once your foundation is on and even, apply a liquid highlighter on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and its tip to complete the look.

Colouring Outside The Lines

A quick way to uplift your look is by wearing a coloured eyeliner. Whether it’s a basic cat eye or a bold wing, reaching out for a coloured eyeliner will instantly tie up your whole ensemble together. If you want to take it up a notch higher, you could try going for graphic lines or geometrical shapes to add a little bit of edge. For a more OTT effect, you could draw two or more colours on your brow bone interchangeably or ace the double-flick, which is currently a celebrity-favourite.

Popping Gloss

I was never able to outgrow the glossy lip trend which is why I was so ecstatic when it was trickling back onto the pages of fashion and beauty magazines. Line your lips with a brown hue or a dark colour. Now fill in this outlining with a lighter shade or nude if you plan on jumping on the bandwagon too. Now, top it off with a fierce, high-shine gloss to complete the look and voila!

Euphoric Glitter

A hint of glitter over the eyes is way too much, said no one ever. With shows like Euphoria setting the tone for experimentation with the cast sporting beautiful and elaborate eye looks using rhinestones and a bucket of glitter (LOVE IT). Go for a sole hue over the eyes, or mix-it-up a bit with a range of glitter eyeshadow. Remember that the only rule is to have fun with the product and experiment with colours that may be out of your comfort zone. Team this look with a nude lipper and embody the heart of the show (oh, and are we team Cassie or Maddie?).

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