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Best Toothpaste for Optimum Dental Health

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Best Toothpaste for Teeth

Let’s get this clear. You don’t intend on giving up coffee and would rather curl up on the couch than visit the dentist (wait, what’s the address again?) That explains the uncared for, stained teeth, longing for brighter days. How do we know? Tooth be told, smiles don’t lie.

Now if you think your teeth could just get whiter on their own, sorry to break this to you but that’s not how it works. Also, we’re all likely to experience at least one dental problem during our lifetime.


Common Dental Problems

Let’s have a look at common dental and oral problems:

1. Cavities: Cavities occur when bacteria, acid and food residue form a plaque on your teeth. The acid then starts weakening the enamel and leads to permanent damage or even holes in your teeth.

2. Gingivitis: Gingivitis occurs when the plaque build-up on your teeth affects the gums. Your gums start to swell and bleed. Poor flossing and brushing techniques can cause inflammation of gums.

3. Bad breath: Bad breath is a result of bacteria feeding off food particles trapped in teeth and releasing the stench of Sulphur. Dry mouth with reduced saliva production also causes bad breath.

4. Cracked teeth: Chewing something too hard could damage your teeth. Did you know that biting into those tiny popcorn kernels at the end of the bucket could easily crack your tooth? Breaks your teeth hearing that, no?

5. Sensitivity: Can’t indulge in your favorite ice cream without your teeth giving you the chills? This discomfort occurs because your teeth is sensitive, thanks to a thinner enamel. Sometimes it could happen because of a recent root canal or filling too.


Best Toothpaste for Teeth

Here’s spilling the inside scoop on how to sport the celebrity megawatt grin with the best toothpaste.

Best Toothpaste For Cavities – Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste

1. Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste

Move over regular toothpaste, you’ve got a contender. A claim of 12-hour protection against bacteria, tartar and cavities while strengthening tooth enamel – thanks to the extra intense micro charcoal particles at work. The best bit? You won’t find the overwhelming minty taste in this one. Hook up with this heavy-duty toothpaste and go, dig into that box of cookies.

2. Himalaya Stain Removal Toothpaste

Somewhere between devouring candies and drowning in wine, we all grew up. And your teeth kept begging for mercy. Uh oh, now what do we do of the stains? Enter: Himalaya Herbals Stain Removal Toothpaste. It minimizes stains on your enamel in 12 weeks, thanks to the potent blend of papaya and pineapple enzymes. We’re saying animal enamel cruelty no more.

Best Toothpaste For Yellow Teeth – Himalaya Stain Removal Toothpaste
Best Toothpaste For Bleeding Gums – Lever Ayush Anti Cavity Clove Oil Toothpaste

3. Lever Ayush Anti Cavity Clove Oil Toothpaste

Come for the spicy aroma of Clove Oil and stay for the anti-cavity formula that magnifies your pearly whites. Also, toothache and bleeding gums can soon be a thing of the past if you regularly treat your teeth to this toothpaste. How? It’s formulated with a powerful blend of 15 carefully selected natural herbs that strengthens your teeth. Easy-peasy.

4. Himalaya Herbals Sensitive Toothpaste Gum Expert

A spoon of frozen cream, yum. But it hardly takes a minute for the feast to turn into a sob story. Stop the daily attack on your sensitive teeth with this herbal formulation that contains desensitizing Potassium Nitrate. Besides, it’s spiked with Miswak extracts that block plaque buildup and strengthen gums. Win-win.

Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth – Himalaya Herbals Sensitive Toothpaste Gum Expert
Teeth Whitening Toothpaste– VICCO Vajradanti Sugar Free Tooth Paste

5. VICCO Vajradanti Sugar Free Tooth Paste

The one thing common between you and bacteria is that both have a sweet tooth. Now wouldn’t it be comforting to know that at least your toothpaste is sugar-free? Loaded with 18 herbs and barks, this toothpaste fights tooth decay and reinforces gums. And need we say, it’s a perfect match for those with diabetes?

6. Biotique Clove & Tulsi Complete Care Toothpaste

What’s not to love about a toothpaste that’s strong enough to knock off enamel stains yet not abrasive enough to cause sensitivity?  Nothing, right! The Clove Oil is the hero ingredient in this paste that relieves toothache, blocks tartar build-up, toughens gums and freshens breath. Oh, and it’s cruelty-free (yay to some bunny love).

Sensitive Toothpaste– Biotique Clove & Tulsi Complete Care Toothpaste
Best Toothpaste For Gums and Teeth – Urtekram Organic Mint & Green Tea Toothpaste

7. Urtekram Organic Mint & Green Tea Toothpaste

So, you drag yourself from bed in the morning and brush your teeth with your eyes still shut. How about a refreshing shot of Green Tea and Mint to liven up your daily brush routine? Get past the grogginess with this organic toothpaste, containing refreshing Aloe Vera and Magnolia bark extracts that protect both teeth and gums. Wakey-wakey!

8. Colgate Toothpaste - Maxfresh Blue Peppermint Ice Gel

A toothpaste is one of the first things that you wake up to in the morning, which is why it should be anything but boring. What you need is a blast of freshness, infused with reviving cooling crystals in the form of this Blue Peppermint Ice Toothpaste. It’s built to confront cavities and deliver sparkling teeth, sans the annoying hypersensitivity.

Teeth Whitening  Toothpaste–Colgate Toothpaste - Maxfresh Blue Peppermint Ice Ge
Best Toothpaste For Gums –  Pepsodent G Expert Protection Gum Care Toothpaste

9. Pepsodent G Expert Protection Gum Care Toothpaste

We swear by, nah, we’re obsessed with this advanced formula toothpaste to maintain that million-dollar smile. The Triclosan + Zinc Citrate technology provides all round gum protection while its anti-bacterial power gradually eliminates plaque, tartar and cavities. This makes it perfect for both, teeth and gums. Or should we say, two birds, one stone?

10. Closeup Fresh Attraction Nature Boost Gel Toothpaste

Looks cute in your cabinet but does it perform as well? Yup, you’ve found a keeper. This gel toothpaste is saturated with Tulsi extracts and Elaichi Oil that effectively protects teeth from cavities and plaque. Oh, and the refreshing after-taste is just a bonus or should we say motivation to brush more? We’re ready for a grinning selfie.

Best Toothpaste For Bad Breath – Closeup Fresh Attraction Nature Boost Gel Toothpaste
Best Toothpaste For Teeth – Anchor All Round Protection Tooth Paste

11. Anchor All Round Protection Tooth Paste

It may be hard to believe that a product that promises whiter and stronger teeth, combats enamel plague equally well without involving abrasive ingredients, but here we are! And that's exactly what the Anchor All Round Protection Tooth Paste is all about. 100% vegetarian, you should definitely add this to your dental care routine. Toodles plaque!

12. Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste

Herbal is the new hot and why not? It saves you from the trouble of making frequent trips to your dentist. Switch to this herbal formulation with this Dabur’s toothpaste that is created from Miswak barks, Cloves and Mints. They team up well to leave behind a brighter smile without damaging your teeth.

Best Toothpaste For Teeth– Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste

FAQs on Best Toothpaste for Teeth

1. What is the main ingredient that a good toothpaste should contain? What are the ingredients to avoid?

A good toothpaste must include Fluoride which is the key mineral to fighting tooth decay. Watch out for surfactants, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), which are added to simply create lather but are damaging to teeth.

2. Why is toothpaste usually white in color?

The main reason behind the white color of a toothpaste is Calcium Carbonate or Chalk. That’s why your teeth feels brighter and smoother after brushing with a toothpaste.

3. What is a natural alternative to toothpaste?

Baking soda, thanks to its whitening properties, works as a great alternative to teeth whitening toothpaste.

Step 1: Add 1 tablespoon of Baking Soda and 2 tablespoons of water in a bowl.

Step 2: Stir to form a paste.

Step 3: Brush your teeth with this paste and rinse with water.

4. Suggest some best toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

5. Recommend the best teeth whitening toothpaste.

6. Suggest best toothpaste for bad breath.

7.Suggest best toothpaste for kids.

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