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Bubble Eyeliner: Mess up that wing on purpose!

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how to do bubble eyeliner look
Nailing a winged eyeliner can be tricky and hard. Few are the days when your liner is bold and the wings are symmetrical and sharp enough to slay the world. Sadly, such days can be counted on our fingertips. Luckily for us—and you—there’s a new trend in town, Bubble Eyeliner.
This pretty scalloped eyeliner look is similar to a regular eyeliner, but instead of a smooth and bold line you create bubbles.  The trend is all over Instagram, it looks so cute and pretty that we couldn’t resist trying it. Trust us it was fun! We were inspired by YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez and followed her.

Here is how you can try your hand the bubble eyeliner trend:

bubble eyeliner – step 1

• Step 1:

Begin by creating just the wings on the corner of your eyes. The length completely depends on you. We did a medium length wing.
bubble eyeliner – step 2

• Step 2:

Now on take some eyeliner product on the back of your hand. We used L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H - Profound Black . With the help of an eyeliner or kajal lid, dip the open end in the kajal. This will work like a stencil.  
bubble eyeliner – step 3

• Step 3:

Once you’ve dipped the lid in the formula transfer the circle onto your eyelids, forming semi-circles.  They don’t have to be equal.
bubble eyeliner – step 4

• Step 4:

Fill in the semi-circle with the eyeliner. And it’s done! Isn’t is super easy and super pretty?  
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