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Conceal Like A Pro With Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Sticks

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When it comes to concealing, the first thought that comes to mind is that thick, icky wall of makeup. Especially when you’re talking full-coverage concealers. That they happen to be just the beginning of the routine makes matters that much worse. Professionals, however, beg to differ. They manage to pack in layer after layer and still bring out that flawless, fresh face. Reason being? They’ve embraced the world of color correctors. There’s no two ways about it.

As Nykaa launches the InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick, you too can join the bandwagon. Available in five different shades, you can blur out everything between fine lines to drastic discolorations. What makes this wonder stick stand out is its balmy nutrition bullet at the center. It’s enriched with camellia flower and pomegranate seed oil extracts that successfully eliminates that heaviness you tend to experience. Further improving your skin’s texture. Its easy-to-blend, lightweight formula has high-color payoff allowing you to seamlessly even out your skin tone. Gen Z’s will also approve since it comes with a paraben-free, SLS-free, cruelty-free and vegan claim.

Nykaa InstaBlur Color Corrector Stick changes the way you look at concealing. But how must you begin? Ahead, a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know on color correction. Let’s get cracking.

1. Green

Blurs: Acne, Redness & Rosacea

Target Areas: Spot correction at the applies of the cheeks, cupid’s bow and middle of forehead

Conceal: Start small. Take tiny swatches on the tip of your finger and dab on the redness. Blend in and gradually daub on more pigment, if required. The warmth of your fingertips along with the balminess of the nutrition bullet helps settle the pigment.

2. Lavender

Blurs: Pigmentation & Dark Spots

Target Areas: T-Zone (top for forehead, bridge of nose) and spot correction around chin area

Conceal: You can directly roll the InstaBlur stick on your face. Dab the pigment and allow it to settle in. This shade is specially created keeping Indian skin tones in mind. Turn to this shade if you’re looking to even out your skin.

3. Yellow

Blurs: Neutralizes Grey Dullness and Purple Veins or Bruises

Target Areas: Under eyes and above cheekbones

Conceal: Wish if your concealer could miraculously brighten your complexion? This tinge makes it true. It also works wonders on those who bruise easy or if you’re suffering from varicose veins. Uhm, now you know why we’re constantly refilling this shade in our color corrector kit.

4. Peach

Blurs: Dark Circles

Target Areas: Under eye correction for light to medium skin tone

Conceal: Even though this shade is just a tad peachier than your usual concealer, we place our bet on this one. Swipe some at the back of your palm, blend it in with an eye brush and dab with fingertips to allow it to settle. With this shade, you can even wipe out teeny-weeny blemishes.

5. Orange

Blurs: Deep Dark Circles

Target Areas: Under eye correction for medium to deep skin

Conceal: In case the peachier tone is too light, this deeper tone does the trick. Also, many a times those with fair skin tones have really dark under eye circles. This works in their favor as well. No matter what, your pigmentation ought to be exceptionally dire for you to opt for this hue.

Points to consider:

- Don’t use colors you don’t require
- Opposite shades on the color wheel, cancels one another
- Avoid using too much. Spot correction is the way to go. Unlike concealers, never apply color correctors all over your face

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