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Decoded: The Secrets to Star-Studded Smiles

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how to get white & shiny teeth like celebrities

Skim through pictures of any red-carpet event and you’ll find tons of fashion-fads and makeup-inspo to choose. But if we’re looking at the one trend that’s always evergreen, it’s without a doubt - that million-dollar smile. As the world celebrated Internal Smile Day, we couldn’t agree more that those perfect sparklers are all you need to dazzle paparazzi lenses. Take a cue from these leading ladies who’re spilling the inside scoop on how to sport the A-Lister grin.

Take a cue from these leading ladies who’re spilling the inside scoop on how to sport the A-Lister grin.

how to whiten the teeth naturally- apple

1. Margot Robbie

Star Secret: The Humble Apple

Suicide Squad would not have the same crazy appeal if it wasn’t for this trickster on-screen. Here too at the 2016 Oscars, all eyes are set on her picture-perfect smile as opposed to the plunging snake-skin gown. Her secret, she reveals to teeth whitening is the humble apple. Since this Hollywood heavy-weight gets a lot of slack due to her yellow canines, she’s figured out an effortless solution. The slightly acidic fruit mimics a toothbrush scrubbing away stubborn stains overtime. Now, this works just as well with carrot or any crunchy veggie. But if you’re the kind who despises fruit (not that we’re judging), simply add the Colgate Sparkling Mint Visible White Toothpaste to your daily routine. This advanced formula assures one shade whiter teeth within a week. Easy-peasy.

2. Priyanka Chopra

Star Secret: Gums Are as Important

This Bollywood actress stole hearts right from our backyard to the biggies in California. But while her makeup is always on-point, it’s her impeccable smile that’s all the rage at each movie premiere. Wondering how she nails it each time? Her mantra is straightforward – gums as just as important. Most of us are so busy fussing about over-the-counter whitening treatments and springing to dentist’s clinics, she keeps it simple by investing in the basics. We recommend opting for the World’s Number 1 toothbrush brand to help out a little. Trust Oral-B Ultrathin Sensitive Toothbrush with 20 times thinner bristles and 2 times more flexible tips that reach the entire gum line for the best-in-class, superior dental care experience. 

how to whiten the teeth naturally- clean gums
how to whiten the teeth naturally- dental floss

3. Sophie Vergara

Star Secret: Where’s the Floss At?

Truly the queen of the small screen, did you know Sophia was originally a blonde bombshell? Amaze-balls right. While were dishing out the dope, let’s just add that way before she got into acting or modelling she wanted to be a dentist! Yep, just two semesters short of finishing her dental degree, she drops out of college. And here we can’t imagine Modern Family sans the annoyingly adorable Gloria, can we? Thus, she swears by, nah -  scratch that – she’s obsessed with floss and mouth wash to maintain that smile. We suggest you stock up on Colgate Total Dental Floss and Listerine Fresh Burst for minty fresh breath, always.

4. Julia Roberts

Star Secret: Get Bakin’

An article on World Smile Day not mentioning this Pretty Woman would be blasphemous. Her iconic, mega-watt smile lights up the screen and how. What’s more, did you know it’s insured for over a whopping $ 30 Million? So, if you want a dazzling set of whites just like her, turn to her late grand-dad for advice – brush with baking soda. Yep, move over toothpaste, you’ve got a contender. Just apply the all-white powder on your brush daily to get rid of stains. Get bakin’ already. And if you need an alternative try out HealthVit Activated Charcoal Powder For Natural Teeth Whitening 

how to whiten the teeth naturally- baking soda
how to whiten the teeth naturally- strawberries

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Star Secret: Strawberry Kiss

This hot momma has the best beauty secret yet. Expelling good ol’ toothpaste from her oral hygiene regime totally, Catherine only brushes with Strawberries. She’s been using the trick for over a decade now and we’ve got the pictures to prove, it’s legit. All you need are sweet-smelling strawberries.  Rub smaller cut bits over your teeth and gums or simply chew them whole, their acidic nature promotes whitening. This one’s worth a try just for the strawberry-rush, don’t you think? Another trick she discloses is to take that morning cuppa with a straw. Don’t let coffee or any liquid stain that set. And if you’re tying the knot soon check out Smile Essentials - Post Wedding Smile Package. Mr. Douglas would approve.

As a closing we’d like to add that if all else fails - lipstick is your secret weapon. Just swipe on your brightest red with a cool-blue undertone as a quick hack. Pucker up with NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Kitten Heels as your best bet.  Say Cheese!

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