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DIY-wali Beauty Treatments To Usher In The Festive Season

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Best Beauty Products For Festive Season

The festive season is just around the corner. It’s time to let your luscious locks loose and look your absolute ravishing best. We know what you’re thinking – if you’re going to look LIT this festival of lights, you’re going to have to make some appointments. Well, think again. We’ve found the perfect substitutes for all those hair and skin treatments that you can easily do yourself in the comfort of your own home, at your own convenience.

Got your attention? Read on to find the best beauty treatment products out there:

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1. The Facial

Cleanse, massage, serum and mask – the four magic steps that make up the rejuvenating facial you routinely splurge on almost every month. You walk away feeling radiant with healthy skin that seems lighter, now that it’s been rid of all that dust, grime and environmental damage. What else feels lighter? Your wallet.

Introducing one of the best facial treatment products, start using rose water as a cleanser or try the Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water. Make your own facial scrub with sugar and some coconut oil which you can apply twice a week to slough off those dead skin cells. Multani mitti (we’re in love with the Tjori Natural Beauty Multani Mitti And Rose Face Pack makes for a great face mask and voila! You’ve got that gorgeous lit-from-within glow at next to no cost. You can thank us later.

2. The Hair Spa

When you keep your hair tied up all the time ‘coz you can’t be bothered to give it some TLC, the best way to treat those tresses before the festive season is by making an appointment for a hair spa. We agree you feel like a princess when you get that super-relaxing head massage and you walk out with that extra bounce in your step just so your hair bounces along with you. What if we said you could get that same effect at home?

While you can find a gazillion treatments on the internet, here’s the easiest one that makes every hair type look luxurious. All you need are two to three tablespoons of Olive Oil, hot water and a towel. Massage the Olive Oil into your scalp and along the length of your hair and steam your hair over some hot water. After ten minutes, dip your towel into the warm water and wrap your hair with it for another 15 minutes. We promise you’ll see the difference after you’ve washed your hair. P.S: If you want a shortcut, try the Richfeel Argan Hair Spa Kit. It’s all the goodness of a hair spa at practically half the cost.

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3. The Back Treatment

You’ll soon be rummaging in your closet for those backless cholis so you can swirl and twirl in your gorgeous lehengas at every Diwali function. Of course, this means you need to bring ‘sexy back’. Here’s what you’ll get at a spa – a back scrub, a mud pack and possibly a massage.

Turns out, you don’t have to make the trip to the spa in the middle of your already hectic schedule when you have an easy substitute at home. The ingredients: one cup of Sea Salt mixed with half a cup of Olive Oil and five drops of Sandalwood Oil. Scrub your back, especially the areas you want to show off, with the mixture and wipe it off with a wet towel. And if all this mixing isn’t your cup of tea, there’s an even simpler alternative – the Tjori Exfoliating Lemongrass Back Scrub. We cross our hearts, this is literally all it takes.

4. The Mani-Pedi

We’re all for giving our tips some love but caring for ’em cuticles doesn’t come cheap. Even though DIYing it at home means you don’t get to relax and let someone else pamper you, it also allows you to get pretty much the same effect at your own convenience without making a dent in your pocket.

Start out your salon-at-home experience with the VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit. Follow the instructions on the box and when you’re done, channel your inner artist and paint your nails with Nykaa Salon Shine Gel Nail Lacquer. Trust us, you’ll have your friends and family clambering to know where you got your nails done.

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So, girls, this Diwali, burn just firecrackers (and the dancefloor) and NOT a massive hole in your pocket. You’re welcome.

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