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Do You Really Need A Neck Cream?

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Best Neck Creams

Serum, eye cream, face cream, lip balm, a night cream…. But that’s where our daily skincare routine ends. However, if there’s one significant area we all seem to neglect, it’s *drum roll*— the neck; which is also coincidentally one of the first places on your body to show visible signs of aging. Think fine lines (or those pesky horizontal lines around the neck), wrinkles as well pre-mature sagging owing to stress, UV damage, gravity or even continuous craning over smart phones. Yikes.

Well, the good news is that this is reversible in the long run (YAY.). If you are late to the party, start by showing your neck some love; and while you are at it, pick products that are tailor-made for this delicate region, instead of opting for your regular face creams. To make your life easier, we have rounded up the best in the business. Ready to bid adios ‘Turkey neck’? We sure are!

5 Best Neck Creams To Reduce Neck Lines

Best neck creams for neck wrinkles – Phos4us neck tightening cream

1. phos4us Neck and Chin Tightening Cream

This one’s like shapewear for your neck—the one that you have been waiting for, all your life. Infused with a blend of nourishing and natural ingredients, it smoothens wrinkles, lifts and firms sagging skin on the neck and improves elasticity; plus, it redefines curves and face by working on facial volume (we are excited about this one the most). For best results, use a jade roller to massage the cream on your neck. Easy-peasy!

2. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Perfect Lift And Firm Night Cream

Whether you are 30 or 55, it couldn’t hurt to give this a go. This night-time moisture treatment for face, neck and décolletage, instantly infuses skin with Ceramides for a youth-restoring boost; not to forget it also replenishes skin’s natural protective barrier all night long. Result: Firmer, visibly lifted and radiant skin. We like to use it for some before-bedtime neck TLC because it feels so good.

Best neck creams for neck wrinkles – Elizabeth Arden
Best neck creams for neck wrinkles – Mitchell USA’s Age Less Neck Therapy Refining cream

3. Mitchell USA Age-Less Neck Therapy Refining Cream

Mitchell USA’s Age-Less Neck Therapy Refining Cream contains a potent concoction of Anti-wrinkle Youth Peptide and Lotus Seed Extract that rejuvenates, moisturizes and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles to give you younger looking, flawless skin. What we love most though is the way it glides on the skin and sinks in without leaving a thick greasy film. For best results, apply to cleansed dry skin on your neck and décolletage areas in upward strokes daily.

4. Epique Switzerland Sculpting and Firming Cream

This best-seller is the holy grail of neck creams. This Tightening Phyto-Concentrate formula is chockfull of ingredients such as the Centella Asiatica Leaf, Escin (Horse Chestnut) Seed and Vitamin E that acts at an intra-cellular level to increase collagen production, maintain skin elasticity and prevent fluid retention.

Best neck creams for neck wrinkles – Epique Swizterland sculpting and firming cream
Best neck creams for neck wrinkles – Mond’sub pearl ears face & neck mask

5. Mond'Sub Pearl Revitalizing 3D Hanging Ears Face & Neck Mask

Masks for the neck? Yes, please! Infused with Pearl Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extract, this works double time to balance skin nutrients, hydrate skin, increase skin vigour and brighten skin—keeping it smooth, super elastic and moist. A must-have if we say so ourselves.

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