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Easy Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

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simple hairstyle

Let’s be honest, the lull after back-to-back celebrations has been overpowering. Banal days are dragging on, the mountain of work never seems to cease and we often find ourselves daydreaming about the manic festivities, yearning for more. If you are vigorously nodding in agreement while reading this, this is a reminder that hopefully would help the blues fade — Christmas is right around the corner!

Yes, we have started the countdown to the mega celebrations coming our way with the season of joy (followed closely by New Year) that will present us with yet another opportunity to let our hair down. And to help you celebrate in style, the editors back at the Nykaa HQ have been hard at work curating a list of easy and elegant hairdos that we deem perfect for the holiday season. These easy-breezy hairstyles will help you look effortlessly stylish while saving you a trip to your local salon (and swerve the festive salon rush).

1. Acing The Holidays, One Hair Flip At A Time

open hair style
open hair hairstyle

Sporting your usual hairdo to every event and occasion but have no time to mix things up? We are here to dispel the clouds of despair with this doable and stunning hairstyle. Start off with a generous amount of hair protectant and follow up with braiding the entirety of the volume. If you want tight waves, go in for small braids —finish off with heat application from your flat iron.

2. A Class Apart

hair band hairstyle
headband hairstyle

Nothing like a classic braid, which seldom falters! It is the most convenient, comfortable hairdo and doesn't demand every ounce of your energy for its upkeep! Just the effortless, fresh look that helps you exude immense confidence. If you are feeling a tad indulgent, we recommend adorning the braid with beautiful hair embellishments available in the market.

3. The Soft Girl Glam

hair band hairstyle
headband hairstyle

A statement accessory goes a long way which is why I love a pearl hairband to tie up my entire ensemble. Its equal parts chic and exquisite— helping you channel your inner Blair Waldorf.

4. The Ariana

pony hairstyle
ariana grande hairstyle

The God Is A Woman singer has made the gravity-defying pony a raging trend, so much so that we cannot revisit her discography without mentioning the iconic look. This hairdo is fitting for anyone seeking a quick, hassle-less way to enhance their glam! A sleek, durable pony is bound to fetch you many compliments

5. Off Duty Model

top knot
top knot hairstyle

If your envisioned hairstyle hasn’t reached the point of fruition — you can always pivot with a top knot. The twist and tie action (seen in ‘n’ number of permutations and combinations) has been seen on celebrities walking the red carpet and supermodels on the coveted runway- is relaxed yet very chic.

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