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Whoever said that you can’t keep your hair off your face and look chic at the same time clearly didn’t know his stuff. Or they probably said it before the first mane was braided.
Fun Fact: Braids originated in ancient Egypt as a way for women to utilise the time to socialize with each other. Social butterflies since forever, I tell you.

Well, it’s time to play the part of a braid belle correctly as we decode different braid hairstyles for every hair length.

  1. 1. Dutch Braids For Short Hair

    Braids aren’t for cropped tresses? Think again, boo. Priyanka Chopra Jonas got us all heart-eyed when she stepped out in this uber-chic braided hairstyle for short hair, perfect for collarbone-grazing locks.

    Step 1:

    Start by creating a deep side parting on the right of the crown area. Now section a parallel strand of hair on the same side and split it into three equal sections. Now cross each of the strands underneath each other instead of over each other like how you would do for a regular braid. Keep adding smaller sections into the braid as you go, so your hairline remains taut. Work your way until you reach the nape. Secure the braid tightly using a bobby pin.

    Step 2:

    Since the rest of your hair stays open, you might want to add some character. Using the Havells Chopstick Curler Hc4032, create loose beach waves and tousle them lightly to add a more effortless charm. To keep the flyways under control, we recommend spritzing a bit of the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray only on the braided area.

    Braids for short hair
  2. Braided hairstyle for medium hair

    2. Boxer Braids For Medium Hair

    The tress town saw a sudden explosion of boxer braids and Alia Bhatt’s clearly responsible for it. Be it a gruelling workout sesh or a glitzy dinner date, you’re gonna turn heads with this neat AF braided hairstyle for medium hair

    Step 1:

    This hairdo is basically a combination of French braids instead of one. So, divide your crown into two equal halves with the help of a centre parting.

    Step 2:

    Start by dividing the strand of hair at your hairline into three sections. With each new stitch, add smaller strands of hair into the braid from either side to attain that woven-in look. Continue till the end of the length and secure with a hair-tire. Repeat on the other half.

    Step 3:

    Boxer braids spell out ‘sleek’ like nobody’s business. So, here’s the critical bit. Go on a spritz fest with the Gatsby Set & Keep Hair Spray Ultra Hard 50ml Extra.

  3. 3. Fishtail Braid For Long Hair

    Cascading, waist-grazing locks remind us of Rapunzel. Good thing Shraddha Kapoor showed us how to manage a head full of hair with utmost style. Take our word, swear by the fishtail braid.

    Step 1:

    In case your locks are unruly, prep them with the help of a straightener. We’d bet for the Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener.

    Step 2:

    Gather all your hair in a low ponytail and divide it into two halves. Take a third, smaller section from the underside of the right half and cross it over to connect it to the left half. Now take a section from the left and bring it to the right. Keep alternating sides and pulling tight as you go. Secure with an elastic once you reach the end.

    Step 3:

    Gently tug at the stitches for a more messy, bohemian look. Pull out a few stray strands from the front and you’re set.

    Braids for long hair
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