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Best Body Mist For Women

Floral, featherlight fragrances that promise fresher days. Sure, flowery body mists are simply perfect for warmer summer days but given our round-the-year sultry climes, nothing can be more mood boosting than a waft of floral notes. Perfect for afternoon brunch with your giggle gang, a weekend getaway or a night out. 

We’ve handpicked seven lightweight yet yummy scents that offer a subtle dose of fragrance without that sickly cloying feeling you tend to get with heavier eau de parfums. Just spritz away to your heart’s content anytime, anywhere. What’s more, many of these divine-smelling elixirs are even loaded with a hefty dose of skincare benefits. Sold? Check you the magnificent eight that are not just cult faves but also deliver the maximum bang for your buck.

Check you the magnificent eight that are not just cult faves but also deliver the maximum bang for your buck.

best floral body mist- Nykaa Wanderlust Hawaiian Jasmine

Nykaa Wanderlust Body Mist - Hawaiian Jasmine

Remember your Hawaiian vacation that filled your senses with two lingering scents—the refreshing sea breeze and aromatic Jasmine? We’ve plucked the latter one for you and infused it into a bottle. Every spray takes you back to vacay mode. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.


Miss Claire Shower Perfume Mist - Marine Floral

Spritz, love, repeat! This is the body mist version of Miss Claire’s skin-soothing sheet masks. It’s infused with a true-to-life botanical fragrance that gives your skin a refreshing feel. You’ll fall head over heels at first mist, whether you splash lavishly or lightly.

best floral body mist- Miss Claire Shower Perfume Mist
best floral body mist- Kama Ayurveda Body Mist

Kama Ayurveda Pure Lavender Water Face & Body Mist

A romantic bouquet of French Lavender, this mist feels like a bright summer day in the scenic landscape of Provence. It’s both playful and floral that’s perfect for not only rejuvenating tired skin, but also reducing stress. Did we forget to mention that it’s also a great facial toner?


Forest Essentials Body Mist Mysore Sandalwood & Vetiver

Take an entrancing walk through the thick forests of Mysore with the striking blend of Sandalwood and Vetiver contained in this body mist. It softens, hydrates, repairs damaged skin, and retains skin moisture. Use it throughout the day as a pick-me-up.

best floral body mist- Forest Essentials Body Mist
best floral body mist- Colorbar Earth Rose Mist

Colorbar Earth Rose Mist Face & Body Refresher

Clean. Sensual. Light. The formula is created by a special steam distillation of crushed Rose Petals blended with Grapefruit Extract, Lavender and Mulberry Fruit to give a glamorous spin to your beauty routine. While the Rose rocks your life, your skin stays hydrated and pH balanced.


Happily Unmarried Body Mist - Not Pink

With its shelfie-ready bottle and totally irresistible top notes of aquatic and citrus, we bet that you’d want to legit swim in this amazing tropical scent. With middle notes of Jasmine and bottom notes of Patchouli, mist it on and pretend like it’s summer all year long.

best floral body mist- Happily Unmarried Body Mist
best floral body mist- The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

A sweet, nutty scent that’s made from community trade Sugarcane Essence from Brazil and community trade Shea from Ghana. It smells like dreamy sunbeams and feels as light as air on your skin. It’s everything that you would call a subtle profile, great-smelling skin is on us.


Layer'r Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Fragrant Body Splash

If you love classic scents, this one’s just right for special evenings; soothing and mild but still strong enough to make you feel all dressed up. With strong notes of Vanilla, it’s reminiscent of fun evenings spent sipping pina coladas beside a vanilla scented candle. The perfect combination of fresh and floral.

best floral body mist- Layer’r Wottagirl Body Splash
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