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Five Ways To Use The Vaseline Aloe Vera Body Gel

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how to use body gel - Vaseline intensive care aloe gel

Vaseline. A label introduced more than 150 years ago. The formula of our childhood and the only quick fix to hide all the evidence of our school friends play tic tac toe on our shins. Remember how dry our legs used to get? The good ol’ days. From our mother’s medicine cabinet to the only beauty product our fathers would pick up off the rack with that neurotic smile (because he knew, oh he know that it would sort his dry feet). Bittersweet memories.

It’s certainly impressive to see how this iconic drugstore brand never ceases to impress. Every new launch is a nothing less than a blockbuster release. So, what happens when the world’s most quintessential skincare brand marries the industry’s most powerful plant. The dynamic duo. Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh Body Gel.

Here’s how we used this body gel in five different ways.


Powered with cooling menthol and a refreshing dose of Aloe Vera, this gel can help soothe sunburned skin. Be it those fuming taxi rides to work to a casual walk on the beach, you can now treat stubborn burns with just a single application.

2. SuperDRY

Suffer from thirsty skin? If yes, we suggest you get your hands on this Water-rich gel at the earliest. Right after your shower, you can directly apply it all over your skin for an instant burst of hydration. Plus, it’s non-sticky. So, no chip chip.

3. Calm Down

If you’re the sort that turns red post waxing, listen up close. Most of these salon lotions contain harmful ingredients that could eventually work against you. Next time you visit your waxing lady, carry this portable gel in your handbag and slather it all over your arms and legs. You’ll see your skin behaving in a matter of minutes. Did you say razor burns? Yup, perfect for those too.

4. Scrunch Bunch

Did you know that body gels can be great hair styling products too? Thought as much. The thing is, we were honestly skeptical about this one. But we tried this hack last week and it worked like a charm. Squeeze out a generous amount of this wonder gel and apply it on damp hair. Scrunch it up for some healthy curls. We’re talking Julia Roberts in pretty woman.

5. Can Be Tamed

Finally, the strongest USP of this hardworking potion. It’s a multitasking powerhouse. It can not only tame flyaways and baby hair but also sets your brows in place. Plus, if you’re not a fan of applying mascara but still secretly wish for lush lashes, this gel can give you exactly what you need. Take a dollop on your fingertips and apply upwards. No mascara needed.

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