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Surprising Scoop On Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair

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Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair

Be thankful if your mom has maintained a potted aloe vera plant in your house. Sure, this short-stemmed plant with intimidating blades all over it may not look pleasing to the eye but trust us when we say, it houses more than you need for healthy skin and hair. All you need to do is tap into the immense potential of its succulent leaves and your beauty routine will certainly thank you.

If you haven’t yet discovered the healing powers of this humble plant right in front of you, here’s the fresh scoop on this magical plant and we can’t wait to share it with you. Aloe Ready?

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair

  • Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes. Do we need them? Yes, because they do a great job at repairing dead skin cells on the scalp which eventually stimulates hair follicles and makes way for healthier hair growth.
  • You know how that hairstylist at the salon keeps pushing the expensive keratin treatment on you? Well, it’s true that treating your hair to keratin – the key structural building block for hair – will only do your mane good. However, if you are looking for a cheaper, safer and natural alternative, count on aloe vera which has a chemical makeup similar to that of keratin. It will help rejuvenate the hair with its nutrients and lend it a smoother texture.
  • Dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitis can be treated with aloe vera. What makes it work? The fatty acids found in the plant are anti-inflammatory in nature, thereby, reducing itchiness and dandruff on scalp.
  • Aloe vera is loaded with Vitamins A, C and E which encourage cell turnover thereby, improving hair growth, strengthening hair strands and improving lustre.
  • If you are looking for a deep cleanse, applying aloe vera on hair helps strip off excess oils, dirt and grime whilst preserving the integrity of your hair. Think of it as a gentle way to cleaner, shinier and softer hair.

Aloe Vera Mask For Hair

Preparing and applying a pure homemade mask is the best use of aloe vera for hair. Here’s how to make and apply aloe vera mask for hair.

Step 1: Take an aloe vera leaf and using a knife, slice it vertically in half. Now, bring out a spoon and scoop out the gel from the leaf.

Step 2: Add the gel into a food processor. Follow it up with a 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil and 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil. Blend the mixture until it turns into a thick liquid.

Step 3: Strain the mixture into a bottle with a pump. Squeeze the concoction on your palms and gently rub it on your hair strands.

Step 4: Let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse off with a mild shampoo and style as usual.

Aloe Vera Products For Hair

If you are on the lookout for aloe vera based products, dealing with the plant directly is clearly too messy an affair for you to handle. Fret not, we have rounded up the best products based on aloe vera for hair so you don’t feel left out.

Aloe Vera For Dandruff

1. Aloe Vera For Dandruff: Khadi Natural Aloevera Hair Cleanser (Repairs Dead Skin Cells)

Itchy scalp and dandruff is mostly a result of accumulation of dead skin cells and poor scalp hygiene. The Khadi Natural Aloevera Hair Cleanser with its effective anti-dandruff agents eliminates flakes, and dandruff by deeply cleansing the scalp. It works as a rejuvenating treatment for the scalp thanks to its Aloe Vera extracts and thereby promotes hair growth.

2. Aloe Vera For Hair Growth: Me Bon Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo

Infused with Citrus Oils, Vitamin E and organic Aloe Vera extracts, the Me Bon Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo takes you along a convenient route for hair growth. The cruelty-free formula doesn’t weigh down your hair while improving its volume and texture. Plus, it doesn’t contain any added colors, fragrances or chemicals which makes it all the more reliable.

Aloe Vera For Hair Growth
Aloe Vera For Hair Fall

3. Aloe Vera For Hair Fall: Just Herbs Silky Strength Aloevera-Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo

Don’t you hate how your hair strands seem to fall at the slightest inconvenience even if it means simply brushing them? Just Herbs Silky Strength Aloevera-Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo with its potent ingredients nourishes the scalp to strengthen the roots and thereby, prevent hair fall. The goodness of Aloe Vera and Wheatgerm makes for a soothing formula that gives your scalp a replenishing treatment without jeopardizing your hair texture.

4. Aloe Vera For Hair Regrowth: Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut hair Oil

Nana has always insisted on Coconut Oil but at this point of time when there are more environmental aggressors to pull down your hair further, simply counting on a coconut oil won’t cut it. Meet Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut hair Oil, a step up from your regular oil, thanks to the inclusion of conditioning Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera extracts work at repairing dead skin cells on the scalp and moisturizing hair for silkier tresses with every use.

Aloe Vera For Hair Regrowth
Aloe Vera For Dry Hair

5. Aloe Vera For Dry Hair: Aloe Veda Grape Seed Oil Smoothing Hair Serum

Frizzy hair can be annoying especially when you have been trying so hard to get that one selfie right without your hair ruining it for you. Spread a dollop of Aloe Veda Grape Seed Oil Smoothing Hair Serum on your rebellious mane and it will become more manageable. The serum seals the strands and smoothens hair to prevent breakage and damage. Oh and it won’t leave your hair sticky which is a plus point.

6. Aloe Vera For Grey Hair: Wishcare Pure & Natural Aloe Vera Gel - Enriched With Vitamin E

Stress is one of the major reasons for premature greying of hair. This is why it’s necessary to de-stress your scalp and hair, once in a while. The Wishcare Pure & Natural Aloe Vera Gel - Enriched With Vitamin E hydrates dry scalp and also locks in moisture to improve the overall health of your hair. Simply apply on your scalp and hair and massage for a while before your rinse. It’s that easy!

Aloe Vera For Grey Hair

FAQs On Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair

1. Is it safe to use the gel of aloe vera for hair fall control every day?

Aloe vera is almost 99% water which makes it totally safe to apply it on your hair every day. You can put fresh aloe vera gel on your scalp or hair and leave it overnight before washing your hair in the morning. However, applying it every day may cause mild cold as aloe vera has coolant properties.

2. Is aloe vera good for hair thickening?

Aloe vera works at stimulating the hair follicles on the scalp which encourages the growth of hair. For an even more effective treatment, you can add egg whites to aloe vera gel and apply to your hair as a thickening treatment. Leave it on for an hour before rinsing with a shampoo.

3. Is it possible to get the pure benefits of aloe vera for hair from a drugstore product?

There are quite a few products in the market that contain aloe vera gel in its pure form. If you don’t have a plant at home, you can get one of the ready containers and expect the same benefits. For optimal results, store the gel in refrigerator and use it cold.

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4. What are other ingredients that can be combined with aloe vera powder before applying to hair? Also suggest a few good powdered forms of aloe vera for baldness.

You can create hair masks by combining aloe vera with either of these ingredients: Honey, onion juice, and coconut milk.

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