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Found! A Facial Kit For Every Skin Type

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Nothing’s more relaxing than a facial. Lying back as the aesthetician gently massages your face with skin loving oils and serums. But before you put down money on a facial kit—either DIY or at the salon—it’s important to know what type of facial is best suited for your skin type.
Here’s a breakdown of a facial for every skin type

Combination Skin

You should opt for a Fruit Facial. As the name suggests, fruit facials are choc-a-bloc with fruit acids such as Malic, Tartaric and Citric Acids that slough off surface dead cells, unblock pores and melt away with blackheads and whiteheads, common afflictions of combination skin.  The Khadi Natural Fruit Mini Facial Kit is perfect for you. It contains a Lemon and Orange Cleanser, a Watermelon and Grapefruit Face Scrub, Peach and Avocado Massage Cream, Green Apple and Strawberry Facial Gel and Mango and Papaya Facial Mask.  Another great option is the Blue Heaven Fruit Facial Kit that has a fruit-infused cleanser, scrub, massage cream, face pack and hydrating cream.  

Oily Skin

Apart from effectively removing a tan and giving you softer skin, a Pearl Facial is very effective in shrinking open pores, the bane of every oily skinned girl’s life. The two main ingredients in pearls—Conchiolin and Nacre—deep clean pores, firm skin and brighten the complexion. It’d also touted to control sebum levels and reduce oiliness. Our top picks are the six-step Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Facial Kit that de-tans skin and unclogs pores, and VLCC Gold Single Facial Kit For Luminous & Radiant Complexion.

Dry, Rough Skin

You need a Hydrating Facial that not just gets rid of under-the-surface skin impurities but also hydrates to plump out fine lines and wrinkles.  Typically, these kits contain product with rich emollients and humectants that hydrate skin as well skin polishing ingredients to remove surface dullness and roughness, a common problem with dry skin.  The O3+ Glow As You Go Normal To Dry Skin Kit is perfect for your skin type. It contains a Hydrating and Soothing Face Wash, Milk Scrub, Derma Fresh Mask and Derma Fresh Gel Moisturiser. The cocoa- enriched SSCPL Herbals Chocolate Facial Kit is also a good choice. 

Ageing Skin

As we age, collagen fibers and Hyaluronic Acid under the skin surface start getting depleted. This leads to loss of skin elasticity, sagging and fine lines and wrinkles make their appearance. You need a Collagen Boosting Facial kit to supplement your skin’s collagen reserves.  The Zenvista Gold Collagen & Cell Renewal Advance Facial Kit is a five-step professional treatment that brightens your skin while building and regenerating collagen to firm and tone it. We also love Meiji Amino Collagen, an ingestible form of collagen for naturally glowing skin from within. Simply add to smoothies and soups for tighter, brighter skin.

Dull Skin

Pollution, dirt and hectic lifestyles can lead to surface build-up of dead cells making your complexion dull and lifeless. If your complexions looks much the worse for wear, a Gold Facial is your best bet. The deep activation Lotus Herbals Radiant Gold Cellular Glow Facial Kit is infused with the goodness of 24K Gold leaves, Horse Chestnut and Papaya extracts. The Exfoliating Cleanser, Activator, Massage Cream and Gold Mask will revitalize your skin in no time. The Biotique Gold Radiance Facial Kit also promotes blood circulation, accelerates cell renewal and reverses dullness and damage.

Tanned Skin

This is very common problem among Indian women because of the melanin concentration in our skin. The SSCPL Herbals Detan Facial Kit is enriched with Wheatgerm, Calendula, Turmeric and Carrot oils, making it a powerhouse source of B vitamins, Squalene and Vitamin E that remove surface tanning and moisturize and soothe skin. The Inatur De-Tan 3 In 1 Cleanser + Exfoliator + Mask is also a nifty cleanser-scrub-mask that promotes cellular regeneration, brightens skin and fades pigmentation caused by sun exposure.
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