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Found: The Best Blush For Indian Skin

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Giving your skin a healthy flush is non-negotiable. After all, it’s no secret that a pop of color on cheeks can totally transform even the simplest looks. No wonder, the blush has become indispensable to achieving everything between the pretty-girl-next-door look or the glam diva look. However, the question that arises is: How do you find the blush meant for you? Gotcha. Fret not, we are here to give you the scoop on perfectly blushing your visage.

Blush Makeup Basics

Fact: There’s a right way and a wrong way to apply the blush. It’s important to understand how to use blush if you want it to blend in beautifully and look au natural. Here’s how:

Step 1: Prep your skin with a lightweight primer such as the Nykaa Prep Me Up! Face Primer. This will create a no-slip canvas to ensure the blush lasts longer even on frenzied days.

Step 2: Choose a blush shade that will suit your complexion. The key is to achieve a natural flush and not make your skin look washed out. Here’s a quick guide on finding the right blush shade based on skin tone:

  • For Fair Skin Tone: Opt for baby pink, light peach or berry-plum hues.
  • For Medium Skin Tone: Opt for rosy pinks, warm peach, or mauve hues.
  • For Olive Skin Tone: Opt for rose, bronze or copper hues.
  • For Dusky Skin Tone: Opt for brick red, crimson, or deeper plum hues.

Step 3: Pick a blush formula that wears well on your skin type. Here’s a quick guide on finding the right blush formula based on skin type:

  • For Oily Skin Type: Opt for powder based formulas that will help achieve a matte look.
  • For Dry Skin Type: Opt for liquid formulas to give the skin a dewy finish.
  • For Combination/Normal Skin Type: Opt for creamy formulas with high staying power.

Step 4: Pick the right brush to diffuse the product with a good color payoff. Ideally use a soft, fluffy brush with a fan-shaped head like the Nykaa BlendPro Blush Makeup Brush. Swirl the brush in the product and tap off excess product for controlled usage.

Step 5: Now, swipe the blush along the apple of your cheeks and blend it up towards the temples for a soft flushed look.

Step 6: Keep blending up and out until it looks seamless. If you think you’ve dabbed excess product, simply blot the blush with a facial tissue. This will lightly soak up any surplus product.

Best Blush For Indian Skin

We have rounded up the best formulas organized by the types of blushes.

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1. Powder Blush: Nykaa Get Cheeky! Blush Duo Palette

We wondered if there was a blush perfect for every mood and occasion until we met Nykaa Get Cheeky! Blush Duo Palette and now we know it’s a positive. Enriched with radiance-boosting minerals, this long-wearing formula pops on every skin tone. The weightless pigments sweep to provide a buildable coverage that looks both subtle and pretty. Plus, it lends that glow-without-show look, giving you a true flush that will make heads turn.

2. Shimmer Blush: Chambor Luminous Blush

If you are anything but shy and love all things shimmer, go for Chambor Luminous Blush. Featuring ultra fine, silky textured pigments with conditioners that blends effortlessly, it bestows a luminous glow to your cheeks. We love how the immensely lightweight and super-soft radiance powder scatters onto skin smoothly. Perfect for day to night, this one’s your ideal candidate if you want to wear nothing less than a statement on your cheeks.

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best cream blush

3. Cream Blush: Ruby's Organics Creme Blush

Looking for that sun-kissed glow? Ruby's Organics Creme Blush with its balm-like texture lends your cheeks a natural and healthy pop of color. To make the diffusing easier, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter team up without weighing your cheeks down. There’s more good news for people with sensitive skin: This one includes no parabens, alcohol, silicones, heavy metals, fragrances and any of those sketchy ingredients. Plus, it’s cruelty-free. What’s not to love?

4. Cushion Blush: Nykaa Wonderpuff Cushion Liquid Lipstick

All the rookies in the house rejoice! Nykaa Wonderpuff Cushion Liquid Lipstick is here to make your life easier and how? Perfect for on-the-go convenience, it can give your cheeks a pop of color, one swipe at a time. Enriched with Jojoba and Grape seed oil, this weightless formula brings a healthy glow to your face. Plus, it comes in a ton of colors, so you can find your closest match here faster than you do on that dating app! Perfect.

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best blush for fair skin

5. Stick Blush: SERY FlashLite Blusher Stick

If picking a brush is too much of an effort, opt for a stick based blush which can be easily blended with fingertips. The ultra-fine pigments in SERY FlashLite Blusher Stick leave a silky finish on one-stroke application. Not only that, it also helps keep the skin hydrated and soft courtesy, Red Raspberries. Think of it as a quick pick-me-up for cheeks that could do with a post-vacay glow. Now who would say no to that?

6. Gel Blush: Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops

An overachiever, the Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops is your ideal candidate if you want a blush that speaks for itself. Each drop of this silky, lightweight formula builds like a dream and blends seamlessly for a perfect flush. Plus, it comes with a precision dropper applicator so you can never go wrong with the blush even on days when you are too hungover! Brownie points for its vegan and cruelty-free formula.

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Tips For Acing Blush Makeup

  • It’s important to acknowledge your face shape when applying the blush. Different methods of application can help make your face appear slimmer and angulated as required.
  • Don’t let laziness come in the way of scoring a natural-looking flush. Always use a dedicated blush brush to distribute the product as relying on your fingertips to spread the product can keep you from achieving a seamless blend.
  • It’s great to always smile like they say but DON’T. Smiling when applying blush will give results that look bad when your face is rested. In other words, your blush will sit too low. So, don’t smile okay?
  • It’s important to go slow and light when applying the blush. You don’t want to end up looking like someone just slapped you hard on your cheeks.
  • If you don’t want the blush to appear patchy on your skin, ensure you don’t skip on these two things: primer and moisturizer. The primer will ensure the formula stays on your face and the moisturizer will keep your skin from drying out.
  • Spend the same amount of time and effort for choosing the blush shade as you do for choosing the foundation shade. Picking the wrong color, no matter how expensive can make you look over the top and ruin your entire look with just a few swipes.

FAQs On Best Blush

1. Should you apply blush or bronzer first?

The recommended order of application is bronzer first followed by blush and then highlighter. The blush should be applied on the apple of your cheeks; the bronzer should be applied just below your cheekbones and the highlighter takes the place just above your cheekbones.

2. How do you keep blush from fading? Suggest affordable blushes.

Always invest in the best blush palette for results that last longer. Apart from that, ensure you apply moisturizer, primer and finish off with a setting spray to keep your blush from fading.

Here is a lowdown on affordable blushes:

3. Does cream blush last longer?

Cream blush is great as it’s easier to blend and even appears natural. However, unlike other kinds of blushes, the cream blush tends to fade more easily. Use a setting spray to ensure it stays on your face for most of the day.

4. Can you wear blush on bare skin?

You can wear powder blush on bare skin. However, remember to first apply a layer of primer as a base so the blush can stay longer.

5. Recommend best blush for dusky skin.

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