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Freedom From Tan: Best Tan Removal Creams

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best tan removal creams

A lot of you might love the glowy, sun-kissed tan you get blessed with during a tropical vacay. But for people who don’t, it could be very well something they can’t seem to get rid of STAT. Most of us don’t realise when suntan comes creeping up on us— till we notice the appearance of tan lines. Sure, you might be the most diligent when it comes to sun protection (RE: from sunscreen to scarf) before stepping out but during harsh summers, the sun wins, and you still end up with a tan. Sigh.

Our face, neck, arms, back, and legs are most prone to the dreaded tan. This is why it’s essential to treat these areas to a regular anti-tan treatment. Lucky for you, we are here to have the long-due discussion on all things tan.

The Science Behind Tan

Wonder how tan is formed on your skin? Well, the sun emits two kinds of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. When UVB rays hit bare skin, they burn the top layer (epidermis) and result in sunburn. On the other hand when UVA rays hit bare skin, they penetrate the deepest layers of skin and trigger melanocytes to produce melanin. What’s melanin? It’s the natural brown pigment that is produced as the body’s defense to protect skin from damage. This is when you notice your skin color becoming darker and thus, tanned. Here’s more on how damaging the sun can be for your skin:

  • When the stronger and longer wavelengths of UVA rays enter the layers of your skin, it causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Consequently, your skin loses elasticity and becomes less firm. Think premature ageing.
  • Recently noticed tan on your complexion? Here’s a quick peek on what happened behind-the-scenes: Your body had to enter protection mode (RE: tanning) to protect your DNA from getting damaged.
  • When some melanocytes are more stimulated than others, brown spots or pigmentation marks show up on your skin. This is usually evident in aged people however, younger people who don’t protect their skin enough can be susceptible to these patches of pigments too.
  • If you expose your skin to the sun repeatedly, you are causing irreparable damage to the cells. In extreme cases when a cell tries to repair itself but fails, it can turn cancerous.
  • If you’ve fair skin, there's a higher possibility of you getting melanoma. This is because fair skin, unlike dark skin, is not equipped to produce adequate amounts of melanin. Don’t freak out yet; a good sunscreen can very well be your savior.

Best Tan Removal Creams

Using a sunblock is non-negotiable if you want to absolutely protect your skin from sun damage. For times when you want to get rid of the tan to reveal your hidden glow, you can count on sun tan removal creams. We’ve rounded up the best de-tan creams to help detoxify tanned skin ASAP.

sun tan removal cream for face

1. O3+ Brightening & Whitening Dermal Zone D-Tan Pack For De Tan

If getting your glow back is your number one priority, you can count on O3+ Brightening & Whitening Dermal Zone D-Tan Pack For De Tan. Enriched with a blend of mint and eucalyptus oil, it minimises all signs of dullness and sunburn. The D Tan pack is dermatologically tested and deemed fit for all skin types. It boasts an exquisitely cream texture and effectively buffs away dirt and grime along with stubborn tan.

2. Raaga Professional De Tan Removal Creme With Kojic & Milk

How about a tan removal cream that goes the extra mile to inhibit melanin production? Enter: Raaga Professional De Tan Removal Creme With Kojic & Milk. Enriched with a blend of natural actives like milk, tomato, lemon, bilberry, grape fruit extracts and essential oils, it improves skin tone without affecting facial hair. Plus, it is infused with honey to keep skin hydrated. Bonus points for being ammonia free.

face and neck tan removal cream
tan removal cream for hands and face

3. St.Botanica Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Depigmentation Cream

A de-pigmentation cream that also contains sun blocking agents to prevent further tanning? Yes, please. St.Botanica Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Depigmentation Cream contains a luxurious blend of vitamin C and botanical extracts to repair damaged cells and even-tone complexion. Plus, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid aid in hydration to restore the supple texture of skin. Even better? It’s free from toxic elements like parabens and sulfates.

4. Nature's Essence De-Tan Therapy Wipe Off Mask

If you think of a soothing therapy to revitalize damaged skin and get back to your radiant best, think Nature's Essence De-Tan Therapy Wipe Off Mask. Wipe Off Mask. Infused with grapeseed and papaya extracts as the active ingredients, this cream calms the skin, accelerates skin repair process, evens skin tone and removes discoloration. To ensure your skin stays hydrated, coconut oil and glycerine team up to retain moisture. Add this to your routine and give yourself the well-deserved self-care.

tan removal cream for hands and neck
best de tan removal cream

5. The Body Care Professional Detanning Cream

Why go to the salon when you can invest in a cream that does the job of de-tanning your skin perfectly well? The Body Care Detanning Cream with its butter-like texture glides on skin smoothly to eliminate existing tan. Replete with peppermint oil, clove oil, camphor oil and other active ingredients, it imparts a radiance to your complexion. The best part? It’s free from fragrances, parabens and formaldehyde.

6. St.Botanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Day Cream

You know how certain creams no matter how good tend to leave your skin feeling greasy? Well, not anymore. St.Botanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Day Cream shields your skin from sun while minimising tanning. The hero ingredient, Bulgarian rose essential oil delivers moisturising, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory benefits to skin while providing intense nourishment. Plus, licorice and mulberry extracts disperse melanin and help in reducing dark spots and pigmentation. Can we also please talk about how gorgeous it looks in the vanity?

best sun tan removal cream

FAQs On Best Sun Tan Removal Cream

1. How to prevent tanning on hands? Suggest tan removal cream for hands.

As much as possible wear a long-sleeved shirt to keep your hands from being exposed to the sun rays. If you choose to wear a short-sleeved shirt, you can wear a jacket while you commute outside. Don’t forget to slather sunscreen lotion on your hands even during cloudy weather.

2. How can I remove sun tan overnight?

These two home remedies work great at reducing sun tan fast:

  • Lemon And Honey
  • Step 1: Make a concoction of fresh lemon juice, sugar and honey.

    Step 2: Massage this paste on the affected area and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.

    Step 3: Rinse off with water and pat dry.

  • Lemon And Yoghurt
  • Step 1: Make a paste of fresh Lemon juice and yoghurt.

    Step 2: Massage this paste on the affected area and leave it on for at least 15 minutes.

    Step 3: Rinse off with water and pat dry.

3. Is tan permanent?

Tan is not permanent. As your skin naturally exfoliates itself, the appearance of tan gradually diminishes as the skin renewal process starts. To accelerate the process of removing tan, you can scrub the skin and consider tan-removal treatments. Start by using a face wash dedicated to remove tan like the Nykaa Naturals Sandalwood & Orange Peel Face Wash for Tan Removal.

4. How can I get my original skin colour back naturally?

  • Sleep enough to let the skin renewal process take place
  • Massage your face regularly to boost blood circulation to the skin cells and remove tan or dullness efficiently.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a mild scrub at least once a week as it helps slough off the dead skin cells and reveal fresher looking skin.
  • Make it a habit to wear sunscreen not just when outdoors but also when indoors.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Drinking plenty of water makes it easier for your body to flush out toxins and consequently improve the look and texture of your skin.
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